Taiwan – Airport

imageI was traveling to Singapore and had a layover in Taiwan this week. I was pleasantly surprised to come across Gate C7 the “imagePostal Waiting Room.”

Walking in the gated area I found a nice story on the history of their postal system.

Here is the motorcycle they use to deliver mail.image

They displayed the Present Day mailbox and the one from 1906.  Interesting!


Oh, and they had a “current mailbox” for daily mail collection, so you could send a postcard or letter if you wanted from Taiwan. Yeah, you guessed it, I headed to the nearest newsstand to find some postcards to mail! They made it so easy.

AND you know what, people still like receiving “snail mail!” So, check your mailboxes and surprise someone with a postcard.

100 “Thank You’s”

I received an email from DailyGood.org today. They are a volunteer group that share inspiring messages every day. A few years ago when I was having a tough day someone forwarded one of the daily messages to me.

The message on that particular day pertained to what I was going through and was extremely uplifting, so I subscribed to the daily messages.

A film by Hailey Bartholomew. More at 365 Grateful. Video from http://www.karmatube.org

Today they had a message on artist Lori Portka who, for a year and a half, devoted herself to painting 100 paintings of gratitude to “thank” people who have made a difference in her life.

Take a minute to view her video. Lori Portka’s beautiful artwork can inspire ALL of us to perform our own form of gratitude to thank people in our lives.

Gratitude — it’s a good thing!