WayCap Ez – Raising money on Kickstarter for refillable steel coffee capsule for Nespresso® machines

Italians have done it again! Through the help of their FIRST Kickstarter campaign in April 2016, they had 3,827 backers pledge €234,407 to support the creation of their refillable steel coffee capsule, so you don’t have to use the pods. Great idea!

WayCap Ez is on their second round of funding through Kickstarter. Based on customer feedback they have been fine tuning the capsule by adding different tops that accommodate various grounds of coffee. Go to their Second Kickstarter page to see a video of how the capsule works. You can still back their second round of fundraising until May 2, 2017.

On their Facebook page, I was reading mixed product reviews from customers. Remember, WayCap Ez is still in their infancy, so I say, “Give them a chance!” Through our feedback they will keep fine tuning the capsule for better use. Inventions are never perfect the first go around. Got to give these Italians credit for coming up with a clever idea, which produces no waste, except for the coffee grounds. Oh, and the steel capsule is being made in Italy.

I’m Italian — I wish them luck!

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to find out how to order my capsule.  Buon appetito!



9 thoughts on “WayCap Ez – Raising money on Kickstarter for refillable steel coffee capsule for Nespresso® machines

      1. Ah, this is becoming more interesting. I would like to spend 6 months there too. Have you read any books by Donna Leon? She lived in Venice for 30 years. She’s an American. She wrote the Inspector Guido Brunetti Mysteries. The Germans turned her books into a wonderful mini-series. Have you seen those? They have English subtitles. Really wonderful. The crimes all take place in Venice. LET’s start thinking what our book would be about. 🙂
        Do you have Netflix? Did you see the Netflix original “Medicis: Master of Florence?” Very good!


      2. I have not read the books or seen the mini-series, I will have to look them up. I have seen the Medici’s Netflix series and I agree it was very good. Florence is my favorite city in Italy. I like the idea of working on something together.


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