Live Art – What is wrong with second photo?

IMG_4270Not long ago I went to an art show. It was one of those shows where you walk around town stopping at different shops to see art galleries, clothing, antiques, furniture, etc.

When I got to a shop for picture framing, I was looking in the window and was suddenly startled when I realized there was LIVE ART going on. I was staring into the faces of these young artists who were standing as mannequins as if in a picture.  Really nice.


NOW, here is a second photo. I’m curious to see who can tell me what is wrong with this LIVE ART?  If I could play the Jeapordy game show music for you right now, I would.

I’m waiting…

8 thoughts on “Live Art – What is wrong with second photo?

    1. Actually, look at the photo of the 2 girls. ONE of the girls has her hand on the wall. THAT gave away the fact that she was an actress getting into the scene of the Live Art, but FORGOT to take her hand off the wall. Do you see it? TAKE A LOOK AT THIS… In California, there is a show called, “Pageant of the Masters,” this is Live Art at it’s finest. This link will show you behind the scenes of getting ready for the Live Art display on stage. It’s FANTASTIC.


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