Great post on removing friction! Go for the GOLD!

IMG_1601We’ve all been there, we are trying to make progress on our goals, but we feel there is too much “friction” around us. I’ve been feeling that way, I even looked outside last night to see if there was a Full Moon going on. I noticed the days are getting shorter already, summer is almost over. BUT Fall means we are in the “home stretch.” The count down to December 31 is approaching. WHAT will I still accomplish in 2017?

As I was focusing on this BIG question, I saw an email come in from a fellow Blogger named, “Tynan,” writing about “Removing Friction.” I’ve been following him for a few years. His message today was right on target, he talked about getting rid of FRICTION. There MUST be a full moon, you see he was feeling “angst” too!

He’s a goal oriented guy, always trying to improve his life or situation. I was raised that way too, so I appreciate his message today. Read it, feel encouraged!

He doesn’t tell us anything we don’t know. The reason the message was motivating to me was because I am on a similar path of getting rid of “friction” in my life, so I can BETTER focus on important goals.

Friction = Fears

Get rid of fears, get rid of friction.

My Dad had no time for fears. As soon as they crop up, deal with them he would say! It’s your life, if you want to cry in a corner and feel sorry for yourself, so be it. You are a grown up, I’m not here to coddle you. You are the ONLY one to change your life!

Fears are anything that hold us back. Like Tynan says in his post, it can be as simple as buying a new set of pliers to get a job done, organizing our files, cleaning out clutter, creating a spread sheet, hanging those curtains, negotiating a new phone plan, etc. Make a list of ALL the things you have been avoiding, and tackle each one head on!

Let’s have a goal… by Monday ALL frictions are removed!

Like this guy on his motorcycle taking that tight corner, we are going to tackle our fears “head on!”

We’ve GOT THIS!  We are “In the RACE to WIN it.” We are going for the GOLD, not Silver or Bronze — GOLD, we are Olympians!

Post your goal below… THINK of December 31… and THEN own it!

Let’s see who gets to the FINISH line first!


4 thoughts on “Great post on removing friction! Go for the GOLD!

    1. Excellent! I’ve already tackled 3 things on my “friction list!” One of them was the tailgate light on my car was not working. I’ve been worried about getting a ticket, which would cost a lot more than just getting a NEW lightbulb, but ALL of that takes extra time to go to an auto store. I mean, I don’t frequent auto stores. 🙂 This is funny. I live near a really nice cemetery. I say, “nice” because it is full of beautiful HUGE tomb stones. In the late 1800s, early 1900s, families really valued BIG tomb stones. Anyhow, it was there that a man pulled up behind me and told me my tail gate light was not working. At first I was spooked, but then I talked to him and he was a very nice gentleman visiting his deceased relative. So, feeling empowered, I learned how to change my tailgate light. Very easy! BACK TO MY CONQUERING MY LIST!

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      1. You are RIGHT! I kind of wondered WHERE he came from. I was taking a picture of an Irish tomb stone that looked interesting and suddenly I heard, “Miss, Miss…” A bit startled I looked around and went to by his car and in a very “soft voice” he said, “I just want you to know your tail gate is out. You better get that fixed.” I DID, LIKE YOU SAID, have that FEELING that it was a Ghost/Soul helping me, because he came out of no where AND then stayed in his car and backed it up to another area. Shortly after this, I came upon a tombstone of a man and it said he was born in Limerick! That is where my daughter has been in school. I found that interesting as well! The Irish are known for being tricksters, laughing, drinking and having fun. So, I thought my little ghost friend must have been Irish!

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