Artist, Bordalo II, honors the endangered “Red Squirrel” in Dublin, Ireland

IMG_1633When I sold advertising, I was always canvassing the San Francisco Bay Area for “prospects” to call on. If I was not scanning through magazines for new advertisers, I was in my car sitting in traffic writing down “potential advertiser names” from trucks that would go by (flooring, landscaping, security systems, Google delivery, and more). You’d be amazed at how many potential advertisers you can find just sitting at a traffic light. Finally, I NEVER forgot to look at “billboards.”

Once something is taught, it stays with us. Even now, years later, I STILL find myself looking at advertising. I enjoy a great ad.

You can imagine my wonderment, here in Dublin, when I looked up to see a billboard of a HUGE Squirrel! Clearly, this was made out of trash from the junk yard. What kind of advertisement was this?

Here is a close up of the squirrel, so you can appreciate the details. Look at the squirrel’s fingers, his whiskers, his legs and tail that match in fuzziness, and the detail in his eye. BUT what is he carrying or trying to eat? I can’t figure that out.


My next thought was… WHO created this? Google to the rescue.

Artur Bordalo (aka, Bordalo II) is an environmental art sculpturist/street artist from Lisbon. He uses paint and trash (chicken wire, tires, appliances, car parts, toys, plastics and more) to create his 3-D masterpieces. Through his art, he wants to bring awareness to waste, how it’s causing pollution and harm to our planet and the animals he creates.

For sure, we are noticing Bordalo’s street art, it is on such a grand scale. I “hope” that we go beyond just “smiling” though and actually do something to help the environment.


FOUNDATION? – I could not find anything indicating that he has a Foundation where we could support his global environmental mission. His art is still new, maybe a Foundation will come in the future. If you know of anything, please share with us.

View more of Bordalo’s work on Facebook. His sculptures are around the world, i.e. a rat in Paris, a snow leopard in Russian, a turtle in Canada, a frog in Italy… it’s endless. Each one spectacular!

25 thoughts on “Artist, Bordalo II, honors the endangered “Red Squirrel” in Dublin, Ireland

  1. I had never heard of Artur Bordalo, until reading your post. His work is very impressive. I’ll keep my eyes and ears open, to see if I can find anymore of his work, I guess, once an ad exec – always an ad exec? All your pictures, have me thinking about a trip to Dublin. My son was in Scotland recently – and he loved it.

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    1. I would recommend it. I think it is beautiful here. Have you been to Seattle? Weather is similar to that. I like cooler weather and I don’t mind the rain. For example, it rained a bit this morning, but now the sun is out. Perfect! It has old world charm here. I would like to visit Scotland too.


      1. I do too! I think that is why we are WRITERS! It’s perfect weather to allow us to “create.” Which makes me think of that movie, “The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.” One of my favorite movies.


  2. Though I haven’t heard of his work till now, he seems an impressive artist. Very talented and creative with his expression about the environment. I think it’s great you shared this. Will get people checking up his work. Thanks a lot.👍👍

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    1. Yes, please do. Go visit his Facebook page. He has MANY other animals he’s made. Each one is INCREDIBLE on such a LARGE scale! I enjoyed the turtle in Canada and the rat for Paris… Oh, he’s done a rabbit and a pink flamingo. LOTS OF ANIMALS. Let me know if you find anything out. He seems to be going to a lot of International art shows right now.

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  3. I LOVE that you highlight things you’ve found that strike you as inspiring. These things are all around us IF we open our eyes. Thank you for keeping yours open and sharing what you find.

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    1. Thank you for your nice message. When we were children, it was my Italian mother who was always pointing out interesting things for us to see in our surroundings (art, architecture, landscapes, how people were dressed, mosaics, etc.), anything she thought was beautiful, creative and inspirational. So, you are right, if we open our eyes, even on a rainy day there will be something we can find to smile about. I look forward to seeing what you have been writing about.

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  4. It looks like the squirrel is attempting to eat an acorn. O.J. Gude painted on the sides of buildings in New York City as advertising, more particularly for a soap company. The president of the company called him in and said, “Gude, you’re fired.” He replied, “What do you mean I’m fired? I promised you I’d make it so no one could walk through the city for five minutes without seeing your product. I delivered, and your sells are soaring.” “Yes. Either you’ll be the president of this company or I will. Gude, you’re fired.” A bit of advertising on buildings history for you. 🙂

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    1. Love that story! Sounds like the “McDonalds” story. I was on the plane back from Dublin and watched the movie on how McDonald (hamburger place) became what it is today. I had “no idea” that the salesman “Ray Kroc” took over. Similar to your story above. If you haven’t seen the movie, you should see it. Certainly an eye opener.

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  5. Here in the Finger Lakes of New York State the red squirrels eat black walnuts and pine cones. Might be an artist’s representation of a pine cone. Marvelous work, nothing like it over here, as far as I know. Thanks for the excellent photographs and text.

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  6. I love his way of recycling. It looks a bit like the squirrel is about to eat a hand grenade. Is he trying to say that the way we our trashing our environment is blowing up the existence of the red squirrel. Great artistry. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Glad you enjoyed Dublin. Thank you for giving me credit for the photo. Sad that they had to take it down, but I am sure the artist will be back with something new. LOVE that you do so much with Legos, I visited your site.


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