Mongolia: Delivering books by Camel — Jambyn Dashdondog author


What happens when you take a camel and add some books to it?  You got it, you have a Camel Bookmobile! As I love books, I was thrilled to read a story about books being delivered by camel.

Let’s travel to Mongolia. Jambyn Dashdondog was a Mongolian children’s books author. He wrote children’s books, poetry, music and more. He published about 108 books and won many awards for them too. Dashdondog’s books were about Mongolian tradition and habitat. He started delivering books by camel, so that children in the most remote areas of the Gobi desert could have an opportunity to read.


Jambyn Dashdondog carries books to nomadic communities in remote areas of the Gobi desert. The project teaches parents how to encourage a love of reading in children. Photograph: Jambyn Dashdondog/Mongolian Children’s Culture Foundation/Go Help

Sadly, Jambyn Dashdondog passed away June 2017. His joy and love of writing and sharing books with children will be missed. Visit Project MUSE to read about Dashdondog’s life story. He was a special author.

It’s the holidays, in memory of Dashdondog I will donate a book to the library. Like Dashdondog, I do feel that books can change a child’s life.

Merry Christmas!     Happy Holidays!

22 thoughts on “Mongolia: Delivering books by Camel — Jambyn Dashdondog author

  1. Wonderful post! Makes my stint on the mobile library van seem like a holiday. I can recommend the b&w photos of Female Librarians On Horseback from History when librarians rode up into the Kentucky mountains, their saddlebags full of books, bringing reading material to isolated rural people during the Depression. Their weather is in stark contrast to Mongolia.

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  2. This is an amazing story and true dedication. I visited Mongolia a couple of years ago and it is vast! He must have travelled miles every day and camels aren’t the most comfortable of creatures to ride. Shame we didn’t get to hear about him from our guide. I’ve just posted some of my photos from our experiences out there – it really is a unique place.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by. Can you send me a link to your Mongolia trip? I have been wanting to go to Mongolia too for the Eagle Festival they have every year. I look forward to seeing your link and reading about your trip.


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