2018 – HAPPY NEW YEAR! A new year to accomplish things.

ADB6FBCB-691D-4463-8C27-D5CD5DA4241AI’m excited about moving into 2018! How about you?

How do you sum up 2017:  life changing, goals realized, figuring it out, really tough, adventurous, quiet, magical…?

As I ponder what 2017 meant for me, I am thinking about 2018.

There are 4 quarters in a year. In business, we look at the year, then we break it down into quarters and monthly/weekly/daily goals, so that by the end of the year we are on target for reaching our goals.


Personal lives are the same. We accomplish more if we write down a plan and try to stick to it. Some years I am good at this, some years I have thoughts in my mind of what I want to accomplish, but the thoughts seem to stay there, because…. THAT’S JUST IT, the word “because” holds me back.

So, this year, 2018 is about tackling the word, “because.” It’s time to think like an Olympian enough with the “because.”

Two years ago, my College friend (Dave, Life In A Word) suggested we challenge ourselves and create a Blog. We both enjoy writing. The catch was that we had to commit to Blogging once a week for one year!  We shook hands, no turning back.

Now, two years later, Dave and I can confidentially say, “we are Bloggers.” We didn’t let the word “because” stop us. We committed!

2018 starts tomorrow! I am thinking and planning.

For today, I want to head to the gym, but the word “because (it’s too cold outside)” is already coming to my mind. You see how that word “because” causes problems.


21 thoughts on “2018 – HAPPY NEW YEAR! A new year to accomplish things.

    1. Hello – Happy New Year to you too! Keep inspiring us with your stories, puzzles and more AND I saw that you are going to have Guest posts. I might do this, tell us what you are looking for, so we can think about it. NEXT is Chinese / Lunar New Year! I expect a story explaining the red envelop! My Vietnamese friend at work a few years ago was giving out red envelops and included me, it was so nice of him. Here’s to great things happening in 2018!

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    1. Yes, how about giving it a try for 3 months — 1 quarter, then take it from there. January 1st, time to ACTIVATE it! For example, I gave up Facebook a few months ago – BEST thing I did. I would have left you a comment.

      Oh, and I follow a Blog called, “The Austrian Dish,” if she didn’t allow for comments I would not have asked her if she had a recipe for Bavarian dampfnudel (a yummy German yeast dumpling). And she made them, now I have the recipe! I’m so happy!

      So… the good news is that you are the pilot of your Blog. If having comments doesn’t work for you, you merely turn the comments off again.

      Super easy, right! 2018 – time to challenge ourselves. 🙂

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    2. Thank you for the post on Sue Grafton. I remember when her FIRST book for the letter “A” came out. I had no idea she had been battling cancer. This is sad news.

      FYI – I had to send you a message here since you don’t allow for comments yet. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for visiting. I was just reading different posts on your Blog. You’ve had some fun trips and a lovely family. Do you have a travel agency with your parents? Is that what Chow Bella Travels is?


  1. I decided to challenge myself by writing one blog per week for a year also….and so far it’s working, but then we had a long cold winter, not sure how that will go now that spring is here. I’m enjoying your blogs, and signed up for your friends too!

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