Vienna & St. Patrick’s Day

C0299072-2A7E-43AD-8C19-91F87F19D97DThis past weekend my daughter and I met in Vienna. St. Patrick’s Day was on Saturday and look what we found on our walk – AN IRISH PUB! My daughter had just flown in from Dublin. She said it was touch and go getting to the Dublin airport with all the street closures preparing for the St. Patrick’s parade, but she made it!

Vienna was beautiful, a bit cold though. It snowed on Saturday, but we still were out and about. Here is a view from our hotel room.


We were in a great location, right next to the market place (green buildings in photo). I need to read about the history of Vienna, because there is a strong Asian influence there. Many Asian restaurants and grocery stories. We bought two Asian pots, mine was blue. I think they were meant for sugar, we weren’t sure.


We were only there three days, so it wasn’t enough time to go to museums. We decided to take the Big Bus Tour, which was an excellent idea. We drove around Vienna listening to the tour guide and had a chance to see ALL of the main attractions. I would have liked to go to a Strauss concert, but that will have to be for the next visit.

We had wonderful Viennese meals, my daughter took pictures. I told her it was going to look like all we did was eat! The food was delicious.

I was in love with the architecture. Take a look at this beautiful street.


We have to go again when the weather is warmer. Getting to Vienna from the airport was super easy. They have the CAT train, which took 16 minutes to the downtown area. I didn’t realize you could take a day trip to Budapest.

Vienna – We will be back!

20 thoughts on “Vienna & St. Patrick’s Day

    1. I had written to you through your contact form about two months ago telling you I was coming to Vienna, but I didn’t hear from you. I thought you might recommend a restaurant or cafe. We were able to find places. I had my daughter try the soup with the pancake strips, semolina dumplings and we had the boiled beef and schnitzel. I thought the cakes in Vienna were quite different from Munich. They are very heavy in texture. I prefered the fluffy cakes with the strawberries on top. Love the soups!

      I wanted to go to some shops with the traditional Austrian dresses/jackets, but I wasn’t sure where those stores were. I NEEDED your expert advise, but I didn’t want to disturb you. In Munich, I have found the Lodenfry Outlet, that is wonderful!!

      Andre Rieu is having a Strauss concert in May in Vienna. That’s too soon for me to return, but I would love to see one of his concerts in Vienna. Have you heard of him?

      We had an Asian meal at the market which was wonderful! How is there such an Asian community in Vienna? I need to read about this. Seattle is like this, I love the Asian dishes too.

      You can be proud of your city, it’s fantastic!

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      1. Oh, I’m so sorry – I overlooked your mail in my mails. There are always so many of them in my inbox, and although I look periodically for contact-mails it can happen that they get lost… It’s such a pity!

        When you come to Vienna next time I will show you some of the shops with traditional clothes, that’s no problem at all. And it’s great that you liked the food here – there are so many very good restaurants and coffee houses…

        I have heard of Andre Rieu – and Strauss and Vienna fit together perfectly 🙂

        And to the Asian community: I just read an article that they are mainly from China. In the past years a lot of Asian restaurants opened, which not only offer Chinese, but also Japanese and Thai dishes. But in general Vienna is a very international city, we have a lot of different communities here…

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      2. You are right – I can’t keep up with all those emails either. I am sure I miss things too.
        And yes, I noticed that the restaurants were Japanese and Thai as well. Very nice, since I enjoy Asian food. Being Italian I like noodles, but lately I like the rice noodles, they are easier on the stomach for digestion. OK, I will let you know when I come again. 🙂

        Oh, I thought of you when I saw some poppy seed cake!


      1. Wow, Ok, that is exactly what I would like to see. On the tour bus when there was a pause for people to get off the bus, they played Strauss and Mozart music – really beautiful! Made me want to get up and start waltzing around Vienna!

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