Art: Gallery in the Dungeon, visit Cortona, Italy

3E1B71C3-2F09-4709-A95E-4E32D4B1B9F5When you see a sign that says, “Gallery in the Dungeon,” you’ve got to check it out! Going in the doorway was a bit dark, so I admit I was tip toeing in, wondering if this was a good idea, but I kept going.

I found this staircase and started my decent, looking at the artist’s paintings on the way down. The artist, Daniela Piegai, is an Italian woman living in Cortona now.


She paints in a very interesting 3D type of style. There is movement in her paintings, you can see this in this painting of the buildings as if the wind is swaying the houses. She uses bright bold colors. While her paintings seem childlike, they are interesting even for an adult audience, because they are unique.


Once you are down in the dungeon, you’ll see a room that looks like THIS photo below with the sofas. If you zoom into the photo, you can see she does some interesting paintings with people, children, cats, funny looking owls, and more.


I was hoping to meet the artist, while I was there, but she was not in. I would have liked to better understand how she developed her style and painting technique.

So… never pass up a chance to visit a dungeon, never know what you might find!

12 thoughts on “Art: Gallery in the Dungeon, visit Cortona, Italy

  1. Art Gallery in the Dungeon made me read the post, and it sure would have had me braving the staircase.

    What fantastic paintings! The colours are eye popping, and there’s so much whimsy. Thanks for introducing me to this artist. I’ve got to say, “serious art” doesn’t do it for me. Give me fun; make me smile (even if I am in a dungeon).

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    1. Yes, she does interesting people with blond hair. It’s so difficult these days, because we can take a picture, but that doesn’t mean we can necessarily post it without permission. So, I had to be creative in trying to show you what her art looked like.

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    1. Keep sketching, I was on a train in Italy and a lady/artist was quickly drawing a portrait picture of the person across from her, she was using black pencil in her artist book. I was wondering if this was for a class or she was just practicing portrait sketches. Practice makes perfect.


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