Las Vegas Desert Art… Have you seen “Seven Magic Mountains”

2D667E2E-7BD6-46DB-9AC1-7C107452F32ESwiss Artist, Ugo Rondinone, created this colorful boulder display called, “Seven Magic Mountains” in the desert of Las Vegas. The exhibition started May 2016 and has been extended due to its popularity.

What do you think? If you went to Las Vegas, would you rent a car, drive out to the desert and see this exhibit OR would you stay in the casino and gamble?

10 thoughts on “Las Vegas Desert Art… Have you seen “Seven Magic Mountains”

    1. Agreed! I’m not a gambler either. Those rocks… they are so simple, but it’s colorful in a desert setting. Interesting right, how artists can become famous doing something we might have our children do on a weekend – color rocks and put them on top of each other! 🙂

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  1. We’ve seen this “art” from the I-15 several times on the drive west to California. You pass it several miles south of Las Vegas (at 80 mph). To be honest, I’m not a fan. From the interstate the rocks look like balloons – more like the markings of the entrance of an upcoming housing development. There’s no way to know it’s an art installation (other than reading about it, like your blog). Even the signs on the interstate are official enough to suggest you’re exiting to see actual mountains – that is, you don’t realize the signs refer to the artwork. Having said that, I appreciate you looking into it – never knew it had cultural significance.

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