Prince charming is there… we just need to kiss a few toads first.

chocolate frog

Have you ever seen a BIG chocolate frog? When my friend sent this, I immediately thought of fairy tales we read as children that say, “We need to kiss a few toads, before me meet our Prince.” So, the big question would be, “How many, on an average, toads must we truly kiss to meet our Prince?”

I go to my mathematical friend, Edmark at “Learn Fun Facts,” in Hong Kong for this one.

Edmark, any research on this?

Help us out, give us hope (smile).

4 thoughts on “Prince charming is there… we just need to kiss a few toads first.

  1. According to a study conducted in the UK, on average, women have to kiss 22 toads to find their “prince”. Men, on the other hand, have to kiss 25 to find their “prince3ss”

    Curiously, another survey revealed that it’s also 22 for women.

    Another research claimed that the number is 19.

    Mathematician John Billingham wrote a mathematical guide for finding the “prince”.

    I could cite more mathematical research about love but I’m afraid that love is too complex for our mathematical models today. Perhaps, in the future, others would be able to develop a more reliable model.

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    1. Edmark – fantastic, thanks for the research. The article by John Billingham was most amusing.

      This reminds me of the book, “The Rosie Project,” by Graeme Simsion. The main character, is a Professor of Genetics, he is done with dating wants to find a wife. So, he comes up with a survey that the women he “might” be interested in have to answer. The questions on the survey are SO FUNNY, anything and everything, it is so ridiculous that he would ask certain questions. Anyhow… I don’t want to give it away, I think the Audio version is wonderful.

      Thanks again, Edmark! I hope I drive some traffic to your Blog too.

      Happy Chinese New Year to you!


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