Travel Tour websites… Why go it alone?

Egypt Rock TempleA girlfriend of mine is going to Italy in May and was looking up travel tours. I’ve never done a travel tour… OOPs, I take that back. My mother found a 10 day river cruise in Egypt that we went on. It was a FABULOUS trip. A travel package was critical in seeing all of the different sites. We needed a tour guide, he gave us the history behind the Abu Simbel Temples, Giza Pyramids, the Sphinx — there was so much to see. Incredible!

Other than that, I’ve normally gone on a trip and done my own planning. Why? Well, I don’t enjoy being on a constant schedule. If I am on a vacation, I want to relax a bit.

However, trips/tours make life easy, especially when the package is all inclusive (airfare, hotel, transportation), it takes the stress out of planning.

I came across these travel websites that were interesting.

horse riding tour

In The Saddle – This is a tour group that specializes in horseback riding holidays. Wow, right. I know, you’re wondering if I am an accomplished rider. No, but I found their trips interesting and adventurous. Check them out. I might have a sore bottom, but it would be worth it for a different type of adventure.

AdventureWomen – For 35 years, they have been focusing on unique adventure tours for active women. This is great, because in the past there were places that women could not travel alone (i.e. Botswana, Russia, Morocco, India, etc.), or if they did, it was at their own risk. If you are a woman, you’ll enjoy this website.

GROUPON Getaways – A girlfriend speaks highly of their travel packages. She bought a trip to Ireland through them. She said the hotel in different locations was great, they had a rental car, it was a good deal, everything went smoothly, hard to pass up.

Global Drifters – A new site I came across through their Blog. Clicking here and there, I found their travel packages. They are a younger company, visit and see what you think. Their tag line, “Not a Vacation, but an Experience.” They offer small group tours for the independent traveler.

Can you tell I am getting Spring fever?

Anyone open for a horse riding tour? Mongolia, to see the Eagle Festival? Bhutan maybe or back to Italy?

Hoping winter is coming to an end. It’s time for an adventure somewhere in the world!

16 thoughts on “Travel Tour websites… Why go it alone?

  1. I want to do one of those horse adventures. I did a bus tour of Scotland. Because there were so few, a dozen, our tour guide/bus driver gave us more flexibility on what we did. I’ve never been sorry I did it.

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  2. I know of two women’s travel clubs……Women’s Travel Network out of Toronto and Broad Escapes. Both are Canadian, and geared toward women who are widowed or whose husbands don’t like to travel. My friend has gone on several of these tours, and says they are excellent, (she did the African safari tour and Morocco), as everything is taken care of for you and you are staying in decent places. They are on the pricey side however. I think if I start to travel again I would want a tour, as I need a bit of luxury and comfort in my older age!

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      1. I “am” lucky.
        I have not written about it on my blog. I used to have a travel blog but then I had a bunch of medical issues turn up and I gave up my travel blog and wrote four medical blogs instead. In those the travel experiences just don’t fit.

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      2. I understand… there is a time and place for everything. I am sure you’ll be traveling again. Maybe in a different way, for rest and relaxation this time. Life changes, we must go through hurdles to get back on our feet again.

        I visited your site, it’s a good medical site. 🙂

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