Ouch… you wake up to the dreaded “mysterious” shoulder pain!

Back shoulder painWe’ve all been there… we go to sleep feeling perfectly fine. However, we wake up in the morning with the worst shoulder pain imaginable. Now, I ask you, how in the heck does that happen?

I was lucky to find this photo, you can see the “exact” location of the pain. My first thought was “stress.” When I went to bed last night, was I feeling stressed about anything in particular? My mind started thinking… there was laundry to do, pack a lunch, kill the spider that keeps haunting my kitchen…

Now, with that spider, I thought of the Buddhist’s teachings of not killing bugs. When we were young (4 children), and my mother was fed up with our arguing and so on, she pulled out “The Teachings of Buddha” book and started reading different teachings while we ate dinner. This did have a calming effect on all of us. As we munched on dinner, we asked her to read another quote and another one. My Mom was THRILLED!

Buddha BookWell, one of the teachings was to NEVER kill an ant. To this day, I see any little bug and I think of the Buddha book and hesitate. If possible, I try to shoo the bug out the window!

On reflection, I determined it wasn’t the spider that caused the pain, I needed a massage.

So, I called my Ukranian girlfriend, she knows the best massage places. Sure enough, she brought me to a place where they do “deep tissue” massages. Boy, was that great and painful, all at the same time. I had a star masseuse, she really worked my shoulder. She also pulled on my toes, I almost burst out in laughter, she was really tickling me. She also scratched/massaged my head and pulled on my ears. I smiled, I thought of a mother pulling on her child’s ear asking why he/she did not finish raking the leaves!

The shoulder pain did not go away though. Hard to explain how you leave a massage feeling like every part of your body has been worked well, but that shoulder just wouldn’t calm down. It felt worse ALL afternoon… UNTIL this evening, when I realized the pain had dulled considerably.

I can actually SMILE as I write this last line. The pain is ALMOST GONE! I’ve found neck/shoulder pains usually lasts three days. We have to soldier through it, tackle any stresses we might have.

For example, that spider, I’m off to find him, fight it out, man to man… or woman to bug as this case might be.

5 thoughts on “Ouch… you wake up to the dreaded “mysterious” shoulder pain!

    1. Your welcome! We’ve all been there… I am finally feeling better. I got one of those heated patches and that worked a miracle. Have a great day!

      By the way, enjoyed your Jonathan Swift quote. I can never leave a comment though, you must have this turned off?

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  1. I haven’t read that book but I try to never kill bugs. I only have two exceptions: cockroaches and mosquitoes. I guess you can understand my reasons, haha. For other bugs, I catch them with a newspaper or something and put them outside my window. Or if they are very big, I just run away (the basement of my apartment building has some HUGE centipedes I will definitely not be messing with).

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