Attention Bloggers, “Are your posts being HARVESTED?”

Taking articlesI was not surprised when I read Jo Hawk the Writer’s post “Attention Bloggers and Writers,” about a website that is harvesting Blogger’s posts. I encourage you to read her post, where fellow blogger, The Haunted Wordsmith, has been doing research to try and stop this copyright infringement.

Lately, I have had a variety of new Followers. While that seems great, I have gone to visit them only to find they are bogus sites. Many of them have 4 posts they created with photos that seem legit until you scroll down on their home page to see that they keep rotating those same 4 posts.

I did visit this site that The Haunted Wordsmith mentions, I typed in my blog name with quotes around it. Sure enough, it appears like they created a specific section for my Blog’s articles. Of course, it is frustrating to see someone else creating a website based on other people’s written work without asking or telling us they are reblogging our posts.

Fighting this harvesting takes a lot of time and energy away from our main reason for Blogging, which is love of writing. Let’s see if they Blog this post!

10 thoughts on “Attention Bloggers, “Are your posts being HARVESTED?”

  1. Yep, they captured it.

    Here is the latest update on how to try to fight it from Paula

    Paula Light
    Everyone has to file their own notice for their own posts. If yours have been lifted, go to and scroll down to the contact link. In that menu, there is a clickable DCMA form. It’s a bit of a hassle to do all the fields and idk who gets the form. They may self-host! In which case… nothing will happen.

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  2. That’s interesting, and may explain why my stats have been so weird lately on the days I post a new post. Yesterday I posted a new blog in the morning, and when I checked in the evening, I had 51 views, and 59 visitors, but only 14 of those views were for my new post? (which is about average for me) A few months ago I asked a Happiness Engineer about this, and he suggested I must have a lot of email followers (I have none) or these other views would be coming from Google, (hard to believe I would be that popular when I only have 200 followers). So last night I chatted with another Happiness Engineer and he gave me some evasive response and said not to worry about it, sometimes the stats lagged behind….? So now I wonder if I am being harvested, but when I typed my name in with quotes, nothing came up, so maybe I am just safe from that particular site and there may be others? When I get new followers, I usually but not always check them out, to see if I would be interested in their blog, but if I have noticed they seem to have many many followers and only a few repetitive posts, I remove them. I had one this morning, with 500 followers but only one post, so bound to be a spammer. What do they achieve by harvesting, revenue from ads? I don’t see the original article you mentioned?

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      1. At the top of your stats page, on the upper left side it says how many followers you have. Click on followers and it takes you into a list of your followers, then click on Remove beside the suspicious ones. I guess I have been harvested too, so now what do I do about it?????

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  3. It is certainly a conundrum! I am sure I have been reblogged without notification and my photos have been used elsewhere. Filching the work of others has always happened, admittedly not as easily as it is now. I think it is the curse we bloggers have to suffer in the internet-connected world of the 21st century. Online harvesting seems to happen to everyone, from big organisations to local groups, because there are so many ways to cut, paste, share, reblog that it makes copyright a joke.

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