Dating, not having luck… Send your daughter to Japan

5B5B8AAF-17D2-4999-B095-4D1623605C6EOk, the title is misleading. I know, you’re probably thinking… “WHAT, send your daughter to Japan to find a boyfriend?” No, let me explain.

What I mean is…  when we are trying to find someone, we need special prayers. If it’s not working on our own, we need to dig a little deeper with our  prayers. So, why not go around the world, best way to reach God, right!

My daughter was in Japan recently. I mentioned to her, that if she was by one of the Shinto Shrines, I’d like her to buy a prayer plaque for me. As a Catholic, we go to church, we light candles and we pray to certain Saints for assistance. St. Anthony ALWAYS helps me find a lost item.

So, she brought back this prayer pouch, saying it was “specific” for finding a boyfriend.

Now, BEFORE I pray to this, I NEED to know what it says.

What if by accident she got me a prayer pouch for flying to the moon OR finding a cat… WHO knows?

Can anyone help?

10 thoughts on “Dating, not having luck… Send your daughter to Japan

  1. HA! What a great idea, but somehow I don’t think google translate would work here. A friend once gave me a gift with a prayer from St. Joseph of Cupertino, on it. He had studied for the seminary and barely made it to ordination because he was such a poor student, so he later became known as the patron saint of students and test-takers. I took it with me when I wrote my American license exams and it worked, as I passed with flying colors despite having been out of school for 25years. Wishing you success!

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  2. Hahaha, I can just imagine some translation snafu. Maybe it wards away fiends, makes your son fierce, and strong, or protects you from becoming old and ugly. Those protective being might be a little confused.

    Actually if it does end up protecting you from the brutal weapons of time… ask your daughter to pick one up for me. 😊

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  3. The only thing I can say is that, in the kanji that I recognize because they are also used in China, I don’t see the one for love, hahaha. But the embroidery in the pouch itself is not kanji, so the key words could be there. I know there are apps that can translate images, expats in China use them. Maybe try searching for one in the app store?

    When we went to Japan we bought a similar pouch for my husband’s grandma. She had broke her hip recently. We found one pouch that was specifically for feet, and we thought that one could work… to make her walk again, haha. It had a pair of feet embroidered, so it was easier to tell.

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