Road Trip – Lavender Farm in Michigan

FFEDB355-5406-4D0E-AA1D-C99E01543143When I lived in Seattle, I tried to explore as much as I could. One thing I didn’t make it to was a Lavender Farm. It’s not that I buy lavender all the time, I just wanted to see the beautiful field of purple flowers blowing in the wind.

Good news, I have a chance to see lavender in Michigan. I grew up in Indiana, I know about corn, lettuce and sunflowers, but I didn’t realize across the border there were lavender farms. As a child, we did go blueberry picking in Michigan. We ATE a lot as we picked!! Luckily, the farmers never weighed us before and after, who knows what our bill would have been.

Here is where I am going in a few weeks. The Cherry Point Farm & Market, click on the link. They created a special lavender labyrinth. Now, their website says they lost a lot of lavender in early 2019 due to the Polar Vortex we had. They started re-planting Spring 2019, so it might not be as beautiful as in the website photos, but I will ENJOY walking through a labyrinth. I’ve never done that before.

My mother read many stories from Greek Mythology. King Minos and the labyrinth he had built was one of them. I will be thinking of this as I walk through the maze.

Europe has said borders are closed to American travelers. They are worried about a second wave of COVID. No traveling to Italy this year. So, that means we start explorations near our own home towns. 2020 – the year for change.

13 thoughts on “Road Trip – Lavender Farm in Michigan

  1. My lavender is really bountiful this year, which surprises me after the cold winter and snow in May. I’ve never seen so many blooms on it, I think I might blog on it. I’ve never been to a lavender farm either…..add to bucket list.

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    1. So, how long does lavender bloom? Can you smell the lavender or do you have to pick it to smell it? Years ago when I have a severe headache, my doctor told me to go get a deep tissue massage and by a lavender eye patch to put on my eyes/temple. It worked – headache went away, took a day or so, but it was gone. 🙂

      YES, share your garden with us.

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      1. It bloomed about mid-June, is at it’s peak now and will bloom for another few weeks. It will dry out around the end of July when I will harvest the buds and make sachets. It’s more fragrant when it’s dried, but you can smell it now, esp after it rains. One year I tried to make lavender oil, with disasterous results, so I’ll probably blog about that too. I took some photos yesterday in the evening light and they turned out great – such a vibrant purple. So yes, a blog in July for sure. I put some in bud vases near my bed and writing table – I’ve always loved the smell of it and have about ten bushes, so it’s quite a harvest.

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  2. When I read “cherry strudel and turnovers” I promptly forgot about the labyrinth and anything else on the website. You must sample the goods and report back! (assuming you like cherries) . I’m sure the lavender products are top-notch, but fruit pastries straight from the orchard? C’mon!

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  3. I will also have to travel within China this year! China keeps the border closed to all foreigners (except CEOs and such) so if I go to Spain I cannot come back until who knows when…

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    1. America is on lock down too. None of us would want to travel abroad for fear we could not come back home. So, sad to miss a year in Spain, but you might travel to places in China that you might not have gone to if you went to Spain.


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