Bird watching in Michigan…

This weekend my girlfriend filled up her bird feeder and had a lot of birds visiting. She got this great picture of one of them. I think he is a little sparrow? Who knows a lot about birds?

I told her I need a NEW bird photo for my Blog, so she has to keep taking photos. I would LOVE to have a cardinal. The cardinal is Indiana’s state bird. They are so beautiful in red and look lovely around the holidays when it snows. Here is what the cardinal looks like. A bluejay would be nice too.

Wishing you all a — HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

9 thoughts on “Bird watching in Michigan…

    1. I was once on a flight to Egypt and I sat next to a man who was going on a specific bird sightseeing tour somewhere in Asia. He was reviewing his itinerary and it had a list of bird pictures, which I noticed. So, I asked him about it. He laughed telling me he spent a lot of money going on bird watching tours around the world, but he’s never guaranteed to see the birds on the list. Sometimes he sees more birds right in his front yard! So, good idea for 2021. M from Chicago

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      1. I forgot to say that the bluejay pictures were way down at the bottom of the post, but they do enjoy their peanuts. Linda also posts cardinal pictures, esp in the winter, but they tend to be more skittish. I once spent a fortune on a bag of gourmet birdseed which had all the seeds jays and cardinals were supposed to like and got nothing but a bunch of brown sparrows.

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      2. Joni — that’s what happened to my girlfriend. She put out one bag of bird seed and all kinds of birds came (blue jay, sparrows and wood pecker) – beautiful. BUT THEN she bought a different bird seed and the birds did not like it, so only the sparrows came and even the sparrows didn’t like it much. So… got to buy what they like if we want good photos! 🙂

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      3. I was disappointed in my gourmet stuff – as it said right on the bag attracts bluejays – they must not have done any real life testing! Linda seems to have good luck with the peanuts, both plain and in the shell.

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