New Puzzle -> New Audio Book

In December, after a snow storm, longing for the beach, I decided it was time for a new puzzle. A purchase that should have taken 15-20 minutes turned into 2 hours of searches. As I wasn’t sure what type of puzzle I wanted, my search took me in all sorts of directions.

Did I want to spend time making a puzzle of Italy, cupcakes, stamps, Ireland, doors, dogs, Spain, so many choices. Nothing seemed appealing, until I came upon this simple beach scene that reminded me of my childhood days on Lake Michigan. BINGO! I smiled and made my purchase.

I enjoy doing puzzles while listening to an audio book. When my puzzle FINALLY arrived, it was not in stock, so a 2 day delivery turned into a 4 week wait, I headed to the online library. I like books by Jeffrey Archer; unfortunately, so do other people, wait times were way too long.

As I searched for alternative books, I came across this book, by Phaedra Patrick, “The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper.” I liked the cover and the title made me smile. I decided to give the book a try. So far, so good. It’s an interesting story about a man whose wife died and he finds a charm bracelet she had which he had never seen before. Wthout spoiling the story, I think you can tell where this tale is headed — YES?!

The key to any great audio book is the narrator. A good narrator can give a book a 5 Star rating. This narrator, James Langton, doesn’t disappoint. He uses such funny voices for the different characters, it’s a joy to listen to him.

I just started. On the puzzle, I always start with the border first, then I try to find something easy to make, like the pink surf board, so I feel a sense of accomplishment at the “get go.” Next the umbrella AND then to find out WHERE Arthur goes in discovering the story behind his late wife’s charm bracelet.

Clever story idea. Don’t they say everyone has a secret even long term marriages, 50+ years, where life seemed rather dull and routine, suddenly a secret is revealed. The other amusing part of this book is how children are used to their parents being a certain boring way and when something changes, and they see their parent with energy or enjoying life — they don’t like it! The children suddenly become suspicious of their parent and their new life motives! LOL

Let’s see where this story goes… Personally, I want to see Arthur start enjoying life!

9 thoughts on “New Puzzle -> New Audio Book

    1. Audio books are good… I admit that sometimes while I am listening and doing other things, I do have to hit the “rewind” button a few times, but it is nice hearing a good narrator tell a story.

      You make me want to try doing mosaics. Wish you lived closer, I’d go to the studio with you. 🙂


  1. I’ve never listened to an audio book but I read that book a few years ago when my library bookclub picked it as their monthly selection, and remember it as a good read. I absolutely love that puzzle! I helped my mother out with a puzzle she got for Christmas, and really enjoyed it. There’s a website where you can upload a photo and they will make a puzzle of it for you, and someone had uploaded one of her paintings. Unfortunately the photo they picked had lots of blue water, so the puzzle was a bit of a challenge, but yours has lots of nice color and variety to it, so it should be fun. I enjoyed helping her so much I think I’ll try another one. It’s the kind of mindless activity that’s addicting.

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    1. Yes, love puzzles. You are right, we need puzzles with a lot of different colors, so we feel a bit of accomplishment. Try the audio book while you do the puzzle. You’ll be HOOKED! AND TRUE, the audio of this book with the charm bracelet is VERY GOOD. The narrator is so creative with his voice for the different characters. I have to smile. Then I look forward to doing the puzzle and listening to his voice.

      You haven’t done any book reviews lately. I need a recommendation after this one. Really enjoying this story.

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      1. I’m not sure I could do both at once! I might find it too distracting? I haven’t been reading as much, because I’ve been working on my other writing project – I just finished a 60,000 word first draft I had started last May then abandoned after 2/3 of the way through. So I picked it up in Jan again and wrote about 20,000 words this month, just wanted to get the words down… not much reading done. The last two books I’ve read have been non-fiction. A Letter from Paris (interesting true story about a womans search for the truth about her father) and now I’m reading Lean Out – Meditations on the Madness of Modern Life a book by Tara Henley the CBC producer who contacted me about mom’s interview. She dropped out of the fast-track for a few years due to stress and health issues. It’s very good – so I’ll probably blog about it at some point. I never read Lean In – but it’s a rebuttal to that book about women not doing enough etc. This week I’ll be blogging about Extra Time – Camilla Cavendish – a book about ageing. As far as novels, nothing outstanding comes to mind, but I plan to do a blog called A Reading Sabbatical in Feb and will do a round-up of the years best books. Emma Donahue’s The Pull of The Stars was good – about a OB nurse in a Dublin hospital in 1919 during the Spanish flu epidemic, but perhaps a bit too much of a reminder of COVID. Invisible Girl – by Lisa Jewell was good if you like a light murder mystery. The Guest List – by Lucy Foley – another murder mystery. One by One – by Ruth Ware – you can tell I’m writing a murder mystery as that’s what I’ve been reading! Hope that helps you out!

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