How do YOU organize your To Do List?

I saw this picture and I got the biggest chuckle. It’s exactly how my brain works. I like to see everything I need to do at once in bright beautiful colors all over the place. If it is in a notebook, for me, information is lost. Move one Post-It Note and I WILL KNOW – no joke!

Interesting how our individual brains work/process information.

I’ve been reading about Evernote, but there is a monthly charge – don’t want that. Still need Netflix. Hum…

Any other ideas?

16 thoughts on “How do YOU organize your To Do List?

  1. I have multiple lists. There is a master with everything imaginable. This where I record stray thoughts, wishes, and dreams of things I want to do. Then I have notebooks specific to certain areas, work, personal, writing, house, yard, etc. Periodically, I move items from the master list to the area lists. Every quarter when I plot my goals for the next 3 months I pull things from the area notebooks into my 90 day plan. They are then integrated into my monthly/weekly/daily planners. I know it sounds complicated, but it means I don’t have to look or worry about things I’m not currently working on. 😋😎

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    1. You are HIRED! You are an absolute dynamo! I have some things in notebooks, but I get bored with having to look in different places for information. I use the Notes on my Iphone A LOT. I like it, BUT I can’t organize it. So… I will think your ideas. We can be more creative when we are organized.

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      1. Hahaha. Not sure about brilliant. The master list is a mess. It helps that there is a pocket in the back. There are notes on receipts, napkins, email printouts, you name it. I try to at least copy them over into the notebook so I can throw some of the icky stuff away. When I complete something I highlight it so I know its done. Then when a page is mostly done, I usually rip it out of the notebook and transfer the undone items to another page. I hope this gives you some ideas on what might work for you. 👍

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      2. Yes… this gives me some great ideas. Like you, I can have thoughts written on different things. Now, I need to organize them better. I think I should take the weekend and do that. Isn’t it supposed to snow again… Perfect time to make a hot chocolate and get down to business!

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    1. I don’t use Google Docs. Do you mean like an Excel sheet? I hadn’t thought about that, I can add different tabs in Excel for various topics. That’s a good idea. Thanks… LOL, sometimes the easiest ideas are right at our fingertips.


  2. I have two to-do lists — one that is for the next week to month and another for today and tomorrow. I like to be sure I have the chance to at least cross a couple of things off each day, even if they are sometimes mundane tasks. Also, I make these lists on colorful paper like one I bought with sloths on it that says Life Is Easy. An inexpensive but makes-me-smile purchase.

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      1. It’s all trial and error until you find the right system. And knowing that you have to adapt. My needs are different now, and will change again post pandemic

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  3. I keep everything in my head….my life isn’t that complicated anymore. I do have a bulletin board where I will pin up appointment cards, and I use one of those free Hallmark purse size calendars for the month at a glance.

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