Oktoberfest… cancelled?

You know something is up, when ALL you want is schnitzel.

Lately, I kept thinking of ⏤ NO, I was craving ⏤ SCHNITZEL. I haven’t had it for a long time. I wondered where the sudden desire came from.

Then the other day, I got a message from TimeOut – Chicago. Do you follow TimeOut for your city? It’s really good. If you sign up, you receive weekly updates with events going on in your area.

THAT is how I found out WHY I was craving schnitzel. Of course, it’s almost the end of September, time for Oktoberfest! I was reading that Oktoberfest was cancelled in Munich. I’m sure they will have smaller celebrations around the city. COVID can’t cancel everything this year, RIGHT!

Turns out, Chicago has a lot of Oktoberfest events, it’s not cancelled here. Even something at our Zoo with a band. LOVE the German lederhosen, dirndls and Bavarian music. I have a dirndl, need to dust it off, see if it fits.

YES, we need to be careful with COVID and big crowds, but at the same time, can’t cancel Oktoberfest!

I’m off to find some schnitzel, pretzel, beer and gotta have a brat! Is it asking too much to have red cabbage and Dampfnudel (steamed dumpling, see photo) with vanilla sauce (my favorite)?!

Laughing – I’ll put on “THE- COVID 10 lbs” just celebrating Oktoberfest!

PROST! (Cheers!)

12 thoughts on “Oktoberfest… cancelled?

    1. Normally, you get the schnitzel, squeeze the lemon over it, something to do with mellowing the acidity from the frying. The photo has cranberry sauce, but usually people have only french fries and might eat it with ketchup / mustard. Very basic.

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    1. oh my gosh… COMPLETELY FORGOT about SPAETZLE, another FAVORITE. Now, I am up to 15 lb gain just thinking of all of this. I love the pretzels too. We’re heading into winter, I guess we are thinking carbs. German food is heavy comfort food.

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      1. Seriously…spaetzle is just the best. I’ve ordered main courses sometimes, specifically because they came with spaetzle. I’m thinking of Oktoberfest places as I write this…

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      2. My in/laws are German, they are easy to make, you like to cook. At Cost Plus, they would buy them, they look like hard noodles and cook them up. Very easy. I love red cabbage too. THANKS, you’ve made me SO HAPPY. I will try to find them this weekend.

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  1. The Mrs and I spent last weekend in Wisconsin and got a jump on Oktoberfest at a parish church there. Bratwurst, German potato salad, a pretzel and several local beers to choose from were all very tasty. But there was nothing like that schnitzel in your picture – mmmm!

    There are a couple of German restaurants in our city that we don’t visit enough.

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    1. Wisconsin is great for beer fests, that sounds like fun! This weekend is the official kick off for Oktoberfest. I am on the hunt for Schnitzel! There is Berghoff’s downtown Chicago, but we have to have the Bavarian band too. I will call, see if they have a band. The Bavarian music is part of this. I read that Brookfield Zoo is celebrating with Bavarian band, Brats, etc. That would be fun for families. Prost! Gee, it’s time to visit Munich!

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