Halloween – How do YOU write your SPOOKY story?

A spooky typewriter. I LOVE this! I’m sad it’s not real!!

When I saw it, I immediately thought how perfect it was. In fact, as it has a page in it already, I thought of this old dusty piano my grandfather had that played music by itself. This would be similar.

Imagine you get up in the morning, depending on the keys you hit, the typewriter starts typing! You sit with your coffee, feet kicked up on the desk, reading the newspaper. What a glorious morning. Typewriter makes a cackling sound when story is done. You rip off the pages. THEN – Off to the editor!

My girlfriend’s birthday is on Halloween. She’s been doing research on her Irish family. They have some haunted cemeteries there. She could use this typewriter to RECORD family history. What do you think?

I HAVE SOMETHING BETTER. Although, if she survived the heart attack on opening the birthday box, I’m not sure we would still be friends. Imagine my fright, when I was “innocently” looking at Halloween stuff, turned TOO QUICKLY and saw this boa constrictor.

Oh my gosh — I DID JUMP BACK!! Realized it was a FAKE, then said a few… well, BAD WORDS!!

So, I decided neither of these were quite right.

The search continues… I did see a HUGE purple spider in someone’s yard. It had googly eyes. FUNNY!

I enjoy seeing the decorations. Some people go ALL OUT with their Halloween decorations & costumes.

13 thoughts on “Halloween – How do YOU write your SPOOKY story?

  1. LOVE the lead photo, as well as the thought of a haunted typewriter cranking out random prose without a press of the keys. DON’T LOVE the idea of the boa constrictor in a box. No way, no how. Send me spiders and send me creepy crawlers but let the slithery ones stay behind (even the fake ones). They inhabit my worst nightmares already.

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  2. I love the typewriter! I once set a very realistic looking stuffed black rat with fangs that I had bought for Halloween on the top of my assistant’s computer terminal before she came in in the morning and she jumped when she saw it!

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  3. OMG! That snake would have given me a heart attack! I hate them!
    Joni reminded me that I once had a co-worker put a plastic mouse on my desk. This after we had been plagued with mice around the office. It was so realistic, I almost passed out. Still, he was such a nice guy I couldn’t even be mad at him.
    Good luck with finding the perfect gift!
    Blessings! ♥ ♥

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