TA-DA –> The Kodiak breakfast!

Well, it’s Sunday, I decided to make waffles. I wrote about the Kodiak Cake brand mix the other day. Today I used the buttermilk and chocolate mix. Why not be adventurous. I topped my waffles with blueberries and raspberries that I picked in Michigan this summer and froze for winter. By the way, frozen raspberries are quite the treat. They change color and become darker once frozen, but the flavor is still there. I added some maple syrup. It’s the PERFECT breakfast!

My friend is in France…. she’s probably eating a wonderful croissant right now!

Wondering what YOU are having!

19 thoughts on “TA-DA –> The Kodiak breakfast!

  1. For breakfast today it’s going to be an egg. But in a more exciting note I went to brunch yesterday and had the most delightful French toast stuffed with marscapone and brûléed apples

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  2. I love it!!! Which reminds me, that I had frozen some blueberries and strawberries as well. Even though living in Portugal, we have fresh fruits all year long. I do agree sometimes they taste better frozen 🙂 I made nettle pesto for lunch. I am craving Soondubu (Korean tofu stew), so that’s what I will have now.

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  3. Well, last Sunday I had a Tesco’s cheese and onion bake (a patty of potato and onion, with cheese) alond with a “salad” of cooked veg (broccoli, brussels, celeriac etc) topped with gochujang. All consumed in the sunshine of a local park (but it was jolly cold!)

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