It’s hard to come from an Italian / Ukranian family and not want to tell stories, eat good food and listen to beautiful music. Having a big family and sitting at the dinner table meant sharing stories and it was always about each family member’s “viewpoint.” With that thought in mind, I will share a story/idea with you every week, feel free to comment if something moves you. I will enjoy hearing from you.

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    1. Well, I don’t have much to say on Russia, I have not been there and my father did not learn so much from his family about their heritage. However, my mother was born and raised in Florence, so we had closer ties to Italy and visiting my grandparents when they were alive. And actually, my father’s family was Ukranian, so I must update this in my message, but my father would play beautiful Russian music! In fact, I was just in Munich and they had a Russian concert on TV for May 9th, which my Ukranian friend at work told me was in celebration to the end of WWII and they sung a lot of war type songs. This is a beautiful song with English subtitles from YouTube, maybe the link will work for you: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zt0MIrgLMjE

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    1. Yes, we must be proud of our heritage. Growing up we had more of an influence on my mother’s Italian side, because my father’s grandparents had died, but still we felt our heritage in different ways on both sides. It’s good!

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  1. Hi again,
    I can’t thank you enough once again for posting about my book. I had read your post about the lost Italian cake recipe two weeks ago, which reminded me of a similar experience — a dish so much enjoyed I too have been in search of the recipe. But I have yet to find it. I did a post about it, inspired by yours and added a link to your post. Just thought I’d let you know. 🙂 Hope you’re having a great weekend.
    Ee Waun

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    1. Oh, I was SO HAPPY to share your story about your book. I see that different people have been reading the article. You and our mother will be FAMOUS! 🙂 And Yes, yes, I just saw your article! It’s really wonderful. Thank you for mentioning my Blog. I enjoyed reading about your grandmother putting the indigo tiger on your cheeks. It took me time, but I did find my cake. That means YOU will find your recipe too. I will imagine you writing that you FOUND IT. One day I look forward to meeting you at your book signing. Have a nice day. Monica

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    1. Oh, I forgot to mention that I have 1 Ukranian friend. But after reading you say “big family”, I thought you were also Greek (cuz of that My Big Fat Greek Wedding movie). Cheers!

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      1. Oh, I love that movie! I laughed, because it is exactly like my family. Italians are like the Greeks. I love the part where they have all the potential suitors coming to visit. Did you see My Greek Wedding II, the sequel? It was OK, but the first was much better. Cheers to you too!

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      2. No, I didn’t see the sequel. But oddly, the preview didn’t reel me in. It just didn’t seem to have the same “feel” because the actress had lost her weight, you know? I love movies with “real women weight” actresses in them.

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  2. Hey!
    Interesting background, I suppose you are living in Italy currently? I have been to Kiev last year, really beautiful place and completely under promoted!

    Hope to hear more of your stories, keep sharing 🙂

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    1. Thanks for stopping by. I really enjoy YOUR blog too. You had a very interesting year with the job switches last year. Sounds like you finally found the job you like. I was just in Brussels for Christmas. My mother is from Florence, Italy, so we spend a lot of time there with relatives, but we also live in Chicago. I hope you keep blogging more regularly. I enjoy hearing about your life/work in Belgium. Curious, at work do you speak Dutch, French and/or English?

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      1. Hey! Thanks for responding 🙂 I will try to blog more, at work I mainly speak English, there are 2 reasons: Belgium is a very international country, there are lots of foreigners, and English is often the language between Flemish and Wallons. Secondly, I am working in IT, where most company outsource to foreign vendors, English is the only language. But I like to speak to people using local languages when possible, sometimes in Dutch, sometimes in French.

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      2. That’s great, would love to see you Blog more, you always have interesting stories. I Blog once a week, I think that is doable. Thanks for explaining that you speak English at work. I think many European companies conduct business in English as well. I know the Italians do too. I look forward to seeing your next post! I’m already working on mine.

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