Sunday afternoon…

imageWho likes seafood?  I was downtown Seattle this weekend and happened to walk by a seafood stall in the Farmer’s Market. I immediately noticed this octupus.

Wow — I thought of the movie, “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.” That was the first time I had seen a scary looking octopus.  Although, this one looks harmless.


Next, as I continued my walk, I happened upon a salon. The funny looking stuffed animal heads caught my attention, so I looked in the window.  What??  I couldn’t believe it, pedicures for children?

What do you think? What will children have to look forward to?

Have any of you ever swam with an octopus?  Or eaten one? I wonder how many people this octopus would feed? He does look big.

Here’s to a delicious seafood dinner.

Music from Prague

PragueI was intrigued recently when I met a gentleman, Luke Doubravsky, who is from Prague.  I’ve always wanted to visit Prague and when I heard his charming accent I felt like I was half way there.

Prague is beautiful (see photo). The “first” thing I noticed in this photo were the bridges. My mother is from Florence, Italy and the view in Florence of the bridges over the river Arno looks so similar. I really had to smile at this.

As Luke started talking it was clear to me that he had an artistic flair about him. I was curious and wanted to learn more. He said he started playing piano when he was 10 years old. It turns out by day he is an Architect and by night/weekends his true passion comes out as a classically trained musician.

See Luke on Youtube. He plays all genre of music (jazz, American favorites, popular, contemporary… just ask and he’ll play something beautiful.)

Here he is doing what he loves.

Luke at Piano

Photo of Luke from

Luke lives in Seattle and can turn any event into something special. He also travels to the Las Vegas metro area to play.

Contact Luke Doubravsky for the next event you have coming up, i.e. corporate parties, grand openings, weddings, fundraisers, anniversaries, birthdays and more. You will not be disappointed!

The holidays are coming, it’s a perfect time to entertain your guests/customers with music played by an expert!

Luke – It was a pleasure meeting you!