Antique Shopping

This weekend I was driving home from Michigan and I saw an Antique Shop. It was on the other side of the road, I had to make one of those “quick” decisions. Stop or keep going. I decided to take the extra time, stop in.

Glad I did. I found this painting. I really liked the vibrancy of the blue color of the lake with sailboats.There were a lot of interesting things to see.

Some booths had such old things. I immediately thought of a movie set director needing some props for a WWII movie or something like that.

Antique shops are interesting by area too. What you find in Indiana would be different from California, Texas or New York for example.

An enjoyable outing.

Do you NEED that much cheese?

Ever since I can remember, I’ve bought this parmigiano reggiano (parmesan) cheese from Costco. We’re Italian, it lasts a long time and we like to have it on hand. So, my daughters grew up thinking nothing of it. Doesn’t every house have parmesan?

UNTIL… my daughter’s boyfriend opened her fridge and saw this HUGE hunk of cheese and acted horrified. Why do you need that big piece of cheese, it’s ONLY you? What are you doing with that?

My daughter said her first reaction was to become defensive. Grab the parmesan. YES, protect the parmesan! She started to explain, than thought, “WAIT, it’s normal, what’s HIS problem! Why shouldn’t I have this?”

I didn’t know this happened until the other day. I was heading to Costco and asked my daughter if she needed some parmigiano reggiano cheese. It used to be around $12.99, now it is $17.99. We need to treat it like GOLD. Inflation is real.

That’s when she said, “I have a funny story to tell you about my hunk of cheese.”

We both laughed!! I said I was PROUD of her for defending the parmesan.

Lately, I’ve been in a pasta mood. I found this pasta noodle, I love it. It’s called, “Fusilli Corti Bucati.” If I go for a different noodle, other than spaghetti, I go for the bow ties or orecchiette. THESE are so wiggly, just a fun noodle shape.

If I had this noodle when I was young, I could see myself flinging one of the noodles at my twin brother. When he would get angry, I’d say, “It’s not my fault, the noodle flew off my fork!” Now, that would be FUNNY! We did goofy stuff like that.

So, here’s to pasta, Italian heritage and defending parmesan!!

We ALL have our pantry staples, right! What do you have that we might laugh at?

You find something… Return it… Expect a reward?

This was an interesting story in the news. Did you hear about it? A man found a check at a train station addressed to HARIBO for 4.8 million in Germany. He called to tell them. They told him it was a cross check, tear it up. Then as a “thank you,” sent him six bags of gummi candies.

Now, people are rushing to judge the reward. Technically, it wasn’t a reward, because to Haribo, check could not be cashed; however, as an “Appreciate the call, they sent some gummi candies.”

This made me think. WHAT should a reward be for doing a good deed? Should anything be expected?

Since there was no reward, will this discourage people from doing the “right thing” in the future? Being kind, trying to return something takes effort.

My daughter has found things, returned them. No reward, a big “thank you!” One was a driver’s license, the address on it, wasn’t far away, so drove it to the person’s home. The lady said, “Thank you.” A year later, she still had my daughter’s email. She wrote to her, saying, “It’s the holidays, thinking of you, wanted to thank you again for returning my driver’s license.” No reward or gift, a thank you.

Curious, what do other people think? If someone found something of YOURS, returned it, would you give them something OR just express great gratitude?

When eyes are watching you!

I walked in the store to buy some milk. Look what I saw. This cat pillow alone on the shelf. While I don’t have a cat, it caught my attention. The shape, the eyes. It’s fun!

I wonder if a dog might attack it thinking it was a “real” cat. I don’t have a dog either, so cannot test it out.

Sometimes in our busy, rush, rush, rush day, we were meant to STOP and SMILE!

What’s made YOU stop and slow down lately?

What’s for dinner tonight? No curry, we go Italian!

What do you do when you can’t find your favorite curry?

This S&B Golden Curry is from childhood. My father had traveled to Japan many times and ate this curry. He would get in moods for it. He also liked the Fukujinzuke pickled vegetables, they came in a can. He was insistent on eating those with the curry.

In those days, you could only find this curry in Chinatown. So, off to Chinatown we would go. We loved exploring the shops and learning to eat with chopsticks.

Well, this just means no curry. Maybe there is a supply chain issue again?


I’m going Italian. YES, I’m making bolognese sauce. Hopefully, the store isn’t out of tomato sauce.

If they are, I’ll keep going around the world. Maybe tacos or matzo ball soup? What do you think?

What’s your speciality? Having trouble finding ingredients?

Advertisements – When they catch our attention!

I love good advertisements. For years, I worked for a magazine selling print ads. It was the most fun I’ve had at any job. Yes, it was stressful reaching my weekly/monthly sales goals.

However, I enjoyed scouting out new clients in ALL kinds of industries. I met many interesting people. Ok, I admit, some nice, some not so nice. Yet interesting even when they would slam the door in my face. I would think, “THAT person needs to be sold!”

Recently, I saw this truck with the mold advertisement. I smiled. I was brought back to my old sales days. HURRY, write down the name before the truck dashes off. WHY? We’ve got a Home issue coming up, THIS would be a perfect advertiser. Got to get on it!

My Boss, an Italian guy, would go around the table at our weekly sales meetings asking each Sales Rep, “How the week went.” Seems like a simple question, but if he was in a “mood,” it was embarrassing to be called out in front of everyone.

One guy ALWAYS sat with his chair tilted back trying to act cool. He was a “hot shot.” Talked like a used car salesman. When it was his turn to answer, he’d say, “GREAT week Boss!”

My Manager would say, “Well, Jim, if it was a great week, why didn’t I see any contracts in my InBox?”

Poor Jim! He just didn’t understand that a “good week” meant “SIGNED CONTRACTS!” NO signed contracts, not a good week, LOL. So, don’t set yourself up to be poked at.

Let’s face it, not everyone is cut out for sales. You’ve got to have a tough skin. Stress is high. My Italian manager taught me early on, it’s a numbers game. Do the work, get the reward.

So, here’s to enjoying a good advertisement!

Adventure travel — Where do you want to go?

Are you looking for ideas on places to explore? I received this MT. SOBEK adventure magazine in the mail. It’s really wonderful. They have trips all over the world. They’ve been in business since 1969. If you’re interested, I’ve put a link to their website. They also have a travel Blog.

Here’s what you would see in the magazine. Trips are in this format. I’m not sure what’s included in the price. I read online they take small groups for each trip, approximately 10 people.

On the website the About section explains how the company got started and who the founders are. This was interesting, the name SOBEK is the Egyptian God of crocodiles. They didn’t say why they chose this name, they just explained where the name came from.

This was an enjoyable catalog/magazine to go through. So many exciting trips.

There is a trip called, “Mongolia Horse Trek.” OK, I don’t ride horses daily, but this trip piqued my interest. I’ve always wanted to go to Mongolia. LOL – Don’t shake your head yet.


Aren’t we supposed to go out of our comfort zone?!

That reminds me, the Lottery is SKY HIGH again, I better get ONE ticket – that’s all it takes, right!

THEN, Mongolia — Here I come!

Exercise – Never know what you might see!

Winter is coming and birds are looking for food.

I was on a walk, forcing myself to exercise…

As I say that, I cringe. Why do I say, “forcing?” I actually enjoy walking. However, the transition from Fall to Winter is a strange one. The days are changing, it’s darker in the morning and at night, which effects our mood. Suddenly, I go into bear, hibernation mode. Desire for comfort food sets in (stews/soups) and laziness to go out in the COLD takes over.

It’s funny, isn’t it. This happens every year. We need to create a new exercise routine. No more walking at 6 AM, now it’s 7 AM or lunch time. No more walking at 4:30 PM, too dark outside. I need to dust off my rowing machine, pull out my weights. Create new exercise habits until March.

There are REWARDS for walking. Look at this lovely bird I saw in the window. I don’t feed the birds, so was pleasantly surprised to see this bird feeder suctioned to the window. It held the weight of the bird nicely, as you see.

I was brought back to Italy. My grandmother fed the pigeons on her apartment balcony. It was a morning ritual. Make her tea and give bread crumbs to the birds. It’s nice to have birds as friends.

I’m not alone in my “move into winter mode.” Look at this squirrel, he’s been eating a lot too. In fact, he was enjoying his lunch so much that he let me get a close up of him, no fear, he just kept chomping.

As I finish my post, I see the sun rising.

Got to lace up, head out walking. GET IT DONE!

We do FEEL better when we exercise! No more winter laziness!! Exploration awaits, right!?!

Halloween Birthdays! Gift idea: Liquid Death?

What do you think? You have a friend whose birthday is on Halloween. Would they appreciate receiving a case of Liquid Death on their doorstep? SURPRISE, HaPpy BiRtHdAy — THINKing of YOU?!

The name itself conjures up some scary thoughts. Then to find out it’s a Sparkling Water out of Austria. So, good quality, scary name — ALL YEAR ROUND.

Take a look, they have some interesting names for their flavored sparkling water.

How far does humor go? Would it be appropriate to go visit your grandparents drinking a can of Liquid Death? Give a can of Liquid Death to someone who is going to climb a mountain or off to fight in the war? How about giving a can to a Priest before Sunday mass to quench his thirst. So many inappropriate scenarios for NOT giving Liquid Death to someone.

Obviously, the founder thought this was funny and others did too, because the company is valued at 525 Million. They have a good following.

Have you heard of Liquid Death or tried it?

Wondering, is this here to stay or a fad?

Did you hear the news? PURPLE has just joined the M&M’s candy crew…

Big news in the candy world. PURPLE is the new color for M&Ms. Purple is the first M&M to represent as a female for the brand. As far as male or female, I’ve gotta be honest, I’ve never given it much thought. This Purple M&M is meant to represent loving your “true self.” You’ll see this in the song. We are being hit with political statements every where we turn.

Apparently, they haven’t had a new color in over a decade. Did not realize this. I’m not sure why, but I always prefer the light colored peanut M&Ms (orange, yellow, green). I get in moods for them.

Enjoy the weekend.

I leave you with Purple’s debut song, “I’m just gonna be me”

What do you think? I like her eyelashes!