Sleep… Buckwheat pillows, yes/no, bugs/no bugs?

A miracle happened! I found a pillow that gives me great neck support. I can sleep again!

Where did this miracle happen? At the Asian grocery store.

In the past few years, I have had trouble sleeping. The issue was my pillow. Not sure why or when my pillow became uncomfortable, but it did. I needed specific neck support. Most pillows are soft and if they are firm, it’s not specific to support the neck.

Recently, I was at the Asian store buying curry. I decided to see what pretty dishes/tea pots they had when I came across these pillows. It said they were buckwheat pillows. I felt them, I really liked how firm they were, so decided to give them a try.

I LOVE this pillow. The smaller one is better, because it fits perfectly under my neck. Turns out, buckwheat pillows, also known as sobakawa, originated in Japan. They are good for spinal alignment. Now, more people are using them around the world. I had not heard of these pillows. I do want to visit Japan, so now I have a very good reason. First stop, pillow shop!

The big question, as I was reading online, is whether or not these pillows have mites/bugs.

Some reviews said, “No,” but others said, “Yes.” So, it’s interesting, because our normal pillows/bedding can have mites, etc. We don’t see them, but they can be there. Then I thought about our clothing in the closet, moths love to each my cashmere and woolen jackets. Our houses have a lot of dust.

Here I found a pillow I LOVE, it lets me sleep. Do I worry about bugs?

I honestly don’t have neck pain anymore. This is what I am wondering. I don’t know enough about buckwheat, but I do know it is SUPER comfy. I mean it’s a hard pillow, but that’s what I need. I’ll just keep cleaning the pillow covers, and put the inner buckwheat pillow out in the sun.

Anyone use a buckwheat pillow? Share your experience, so we can learn.