Butterflies… I’ve seen two in the past week, spiritual meaning?

butterflyI haven’t seen butterflies for a long time. Suddenly though, in the past week, I saw two of them in odd ways.

The first one appeared while I was walking down an alley, something in the air caught my attention, I looked up and there was a butterfly flying like a bird very quickly to some destination. I say, flying like a bird, because usually a butterfly is flying close to flowers and flies in a fluttery type of way. This was so different.

The second one I saw today in the stairwell of my apartment building. I had to look twice, because I almost stepped on it. Sure enough, it was an orange looking butterfly. It was sitting with its wings closed. I looked to see if a window was open, nothing, so how did it make it in the building? If I wasn’t rushing, I would have tried to figure a way to put it outside again. The wings are so delicate, I was worried about this.

I did some research. I read that seeing a butterfly is important, because they signify transformation, personal growth and beauty.

What do you think? Is it normal to see butterflies in September when the weather is getting cold? Is there spiritual meaning behind this?

Pawpaw Tree?


Pawpaw Tree

Have you heard of a Pawpaw Tree?

A friend from Oregon was just asking me about this and wondering how the fruit tasted. This was news to me, I have never heard of a Pawpaw Tree.

Pawpaw flower

Pawpaw flower

Google to the rescue. Turns out this is a tree that grows very well in the eastern United States, but also in the Great Lakes region.

It’s a lovely tree.

Pawpaw Fruit

Pawpaw Fruit

First, the purple flowers bloom in May and then the Pawpaw fruit, which looks like the shape of a mango, comes in June. The fruit has a tropical taste, but is more like a custard texture. Wild Pawpaw fruit might be bitter.

Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly

Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly

On further investigation, I found that if you have a Pawpaw tree you most likely have Zebra Swallowtail Butterflies.These butterflies are beautiful and love to feed off the Pawpaw tree.

I am going to be driving through Oregon soon. I’m curious to actually see the tree, taste the fruit and see the butterflies.

Has anyone grown a Pawpaw tree or eaten the fruit?

Let us know…