Amazing Clouds

I’m not one to look up at the sky and observe clouds very often. Recently though, I was at the Colorado airport, as I was waiting on my flight, I was looking out the window. These clouds were right at eye level.

I took these photos about an hour apart. The first photo looked like a tornado was coming in. An hour later, the sun was peaking out and we saw these amazing sun beams coming through the clouds. My camera could not capture the bright white light properly. Here it looks dark and dull while in reality it was the whitest light I’ve ever seen. Amazing, really, it was. So many people stopped to take a photo. We all agreed. Our phones could not capture the reality of what we were seeing. Photography, it takes the right camera for these types of photos.

So, I’m going to take time to “slow down” and look up at the sky more often. Clouds are beautiful.

We never know what shape / form we might see in the sky. It will be a SURPRISE!

July 4th, no fireworks… Brewery, drive-in movie theatre?

In the old days, we used to go to the outdoor drive in movie theatre. Who can forget the Grease Lightening song?!  Grease was a great one to see on the big screen.

Basically, a green grassy field for cars to park and a big screen to watch a movie. There was a small restaurant to buy some food and go to the restroom. If we were bored with the movie or trying to get away from our “hands on date,” we’d head to the restaurant. Back then, no cell phones, so you couldn’t text your friend to “meet you” somewhere or find out where they parked.

Then… suddenly… drive in movie theaters went away. Not sure why that happened.

BUT NOW, they are making a comeback.

Colorado — I just read an article in The Gazette about a Colorado Springs Brewery (FH Beerwork East) that got creative during COVID. To stay in business, they opened their parking lot to drive in shows calling it CAR SEAT CINEMA. Sounds like they are doing this once a week, it’s been going well. Now, they are back open to customers, social distancing, of course. Sounds like a fun place.

July 4th Fireworks Cancelled — I say we go to an outdoor movie!