Taking the Leap…

Years ago, someone introduced me to Grant Snider’s Blog, “Incidental Comics” where he had posted this comic on “Making the Leap.”

I was working in advertising sales when someone sent this comic to me. Sales is tough, and when we are afraid of rejection (customer saying, “No”) then we hold ourselves back. I shared this with my co-workers and we all smiled, this cartoon was right on point. What WAS holding us back?

We had to overcome our fear of customer rejection. Once we took the “leap,” we opened ourselves up to the “possibiltiy of a YES” and meeting new wonderful customers! AND in sales we have a joke that says, “One more “NO,” brings you closer to a “YES!” Anything in life that takes effort and takes us out of our comfort zone makes us pause and sometimes “over think” taking that leap of faith.

It is funny, isn’t it, that when we finally do take the leap we wonder WHY it took so long to get to that moment.

Whenever, I find myself questioning whether I can do something I think of this comic, review what stage I am at, and ask myself, “Are you ready to take the LEAP?”

How about you…. What goals/dreams (travel, writing, career change, buying a home, moving, starting a business, flying a plane, etc.) have YOU had on the back burner?

Maybe this is the year to take the LEAP!


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