Advertisements – When they catch our attention!

I love good advertisements. For years, I worked for a magazine selling print ads. It was the most fun I’ve had at any job. Yes, it was stressful reaching my weekly/monthly sales goals.

However, I enjoyed scouting out new clients in ALL kinds of industries. I met many interesting people. Ok, I admit, some nice, some not so nice. Yet interesting even when they would slam the door in my face. I would think, “THAT person needs to be sold!”

Recently, I saw this truck with the mold advertisement. I smiled. I was brought back to my old sales days. HURRY, write down the name before the truck dashes off. WHY? We’ve got a Home issue coming up, THIS would be a perfect advertiser. Got to get on it!

My Boss, an Italian guy, would go around the table at our weekly sales meetings asking each Sales Rep, “How the week went.” Seems like a simple question, but if he was in a “mood,” it was embarrassing to be called out in front of everyone.

One guy ALWAYS sat with his chair tilted back trying to act cool. He was a “hot shot.” Talked like a used car salesman. When it was his turn to answer, he’d say, “GREAT week Boss!”

My Manager would say, “Well, Jim, if it was a great week, why didn’t I see any contracts in my InBox?”

Poor Jim! He just didn’t understand that a “good week” meant “SIGNED CONTRACTS!” NO signed contracts, not a good week, LOL. So, don’t set yourself up to be poked at.

Let’s face it, not everyone is cut out for sales. You’ve got to have a tough skin. Stress is high. My Italian manager taught me early on, it’s a numbers game. Do the work, get the reward.

So, here’s to enjoying a good advertisement!