Back Pain – Use Turtles for Massage

My daughter suffers from ongoing back pain. So, she’s constantly looking for ways to ease the pain. Recently, I was visiting her and I saw these cute Mama and Baby turtles. I was just about to pick them up, when she yelled, “Mama, CAREFUL, they are spikey.”

What??? As I went to touch them, I yelled, “Yikes, you’re not kidding!”

You definitely don’t want to leave these on the floor for someone to step on – OUCH!

There is NO loving Mama and Baby turtle here, that’s for sure. I secretly thought, THAT explains our relationship sometimes. This would make a good gift for a break up with someone. The card would read, “WISH you WELL! A massage on me! (Hope they would get the joke.)”

They have a travel size pillow/mat. I thought about being on the plane, going to the rest room and my mat falls on the person’s empty seat next to mine. Can you imagine the scream when they are half asleep and sit on it! Hahaha

Of course, I wanted to know more about these cute turtles. They are acupressure for massaging the body. I decided to give it a try. You need to lay down on them – CAREFULLY – the spikes do hurt. Best to have a very light shirt on or use directly against your skin, depends on what pain level you can take. You will find after 10-15 minutes that your back is REALLY red. I only did it twice, so cannot give a review based on long term use. It’s different.

Pranamat ECO has been around 11 years. Product is made in Europe, very good quality. You can read more about it on their site. I’m not promoting their product, just sharing something NEW with you. If you suffer from pains and believe in acupuncture/acupressure, look into this.

Ok, I’m off to give it another try. I’ll be on the sofa, laying on the turtle, legs on the mat, while reading my book. Hopefully, you won’t hear too many YELPS along the way!

Glad we are heading into the weekend for acupressure RECOVERY!