A Christmas Surprise at the mailbox

Who said that Santa Claus was on lockdown and would not deliver presents this year?

Look what I received in the mail for my Christmas tree.

COVID has challenged us this year, but it has also made us more “thoughtful.” The old fashioned way through the mail. I mean the Post Office rather than our Inbox.

Imagine my surprise, when I ONLY receive bills in the mail, to find a package on my door step. I felt like I was 8 years old again.

WOW – I double checked to make sure I had gotten the name right. YES, it was for ME.

A clever ornament. A snowman, s’mores and coffee – PERFECT!

There’s still time for ALL of us to send that SPECAL SURPRISE to someone.

I have to work fast…

Pay this JOY forward and make “someone else” HAPPY!

German Christmas Ornaments

1F9F01D6-5279-4FA9-9462-F1CDADE719EFThis past weekend was the start of Christmas shopping. I say, “Christmas,” because for many of us it’s when we start putting up the Christmas tree after Thanksgiving, hanging the lights inside and outside and finding those special ornaments to put on the tree.

Every year I look for new ornaments. I like to send them as gifts. I had a lucky find this weekend. I came across a German Christmas Market. I was in America, but I felt like I was in Munich, Germany. Wonderful!


They had similar ornaments that I would find in Germany, hand made, so a bit expensive, but as you can see from the photos, really darling. Everyone was enjoying themselves.

One special item that Germans put up is the Christmas Pyramid. I learned this from my mother/n/law, because Italians do not have this. Every year, out came the Christmas Pyramid and we would scramble to find candles to light, so that the propellor would fly around in a circle. Here you see a larger pyramid that they put up in a town in Europe. Ours was much smaller.


When I was young, we had a German neighbor and they put small candles on the tree and lit them. Can you imagine what a possible fire hazard that was?  BUT they never burned their house down. While we enjoyed the lit candles on the tree, we would play a game of Canasta!

Memories… it’s nice if we still have them!