Holiday Health — The Pharmacy! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Happy New Year — almost! It’s the holidays and with that comes stomach issues. Eating foods we don’t normally eat. Visiting friends who say, “Come on, it’s Christmas, have some!” Our brain says, “NO, don’t do it, you will suffer for it! However, we cave in to the festivities and end up in stomach pain.

For me, lately, espresso coffee/alcohol does not agree with me. I spoke to my mother. She’s been having stomach issues too. In fact, 83 years old, she had terrible stomach pains and ended up in the hospital having her gallbladder out. We both talked about having the same kind of pain. Interesting, right!

THIS IS FUNNY — I went to the pharmacy. They didn’t have what I needed on the shelf. The pharmacist said I needed to press the Customer Service button, then someone would come to assist me.

I innocently pressed the button. I thought a light would flash and someone would come over. NO, worse, I hear on the loud speaker, “CUSTOMER SERVICE NEEDED AT STOMACH REMEDIES – repeat – Customer Service needed at stomach remedies.”

Why is this funny? Imagine if I was in the tampon or condom isle and the loud speaker goes off. Certainly, no privacy in trying to make a purchase. A teenager would be mortified that’s for sure.

I could see this as a comedy skit on Seinfeld. Miss that show.

So, moral of the story… Be careful what you eat / drink on New Year’s Eve. Don’t over indulge; otherwise, you will be pressing that Customer Service button.

I wish you a blessed and HAPPY NEW YEAR!