I had a LUCKY day!

Yesterday was a strange day. I drove to the store to buy groceries. When I came out and started to drive, I noticed something weird flapping on my windshield on the right hand side. I drove a little bit, made sure I wasn’t being followed – nowadays, we have to be careful – got out of my car and saw it was one-dollar bill under my windshield wiper.

I immediately did what we do, went for my phone. Imagine, of all the days to leave my phone at home. I could not capture the BIG event!

It had been raining, so the one-dollar bill was wet. Seems to me, someone must have gotten out of their car, saw the one-dollar bill, rather than keep it, put it under my windshield wiper. WHAT other scenario could it be?

I didn’t know what to do with it. I mean, I could have kept it, but did not feel like it was truly mine. So, I decided to pay it forward. When I got out of my car, I walked by an apartment building and put the one-dollar bill in front of the door for THE NEXT PERSON TO FIND!

This felt like one of those TV shows where they have a hidden camera and they want to see what you would do in a situation. Well, that’s what I did.

Years ago, I was walking with two women to our cars after work. It was really windy outside. One of them kept complaining about work associates, it sounded terrible. I told her she needed to stop. I didn’t want to hear it. Just as I was saying that — a gust of wind, brought a $20 bill right at my feet.

WOW — I immediately grabbed it and showed the lady. See, if you say, “GOOD things,” you will be “REWARDED.” We ALL had a big laugh! Too bad it wasn’t a $100, but no complaints.

The SECOND thing that happened to me today was seeing a RAINBOW. My phone could not capture it’s beauty, but it was a HUGE rainbow, mostly hidden by the clouds. Unfortunately, it was the tail end, it was fading fast. I did my best to take a picture, hopefully, you can see it.

So – I’m still SMILING!

Every once in a while, we just FEEL that LUCK might be on our side!

What does it mean to see a “double rainbow?”

DoubleRainbowI’ve seen rainbows in my life, but they have always been from quite a distance. The other day though, I saw a rainbow up close. I didn’t notice it until I heard someone yell out, “LOOK, a rainbow!” We all stopped to look up.

The reason this rainbow was so “amazing” was because we were so “close” to it. There is something very spiritual in seeing a rainbow up close, the colors seem to glow, and as we know it won’t last long, it feels “magical.”

We were all rushing to capture the moment in a photo. The rainbow was so BIG none of us could get the entire rainbow in one picture. So, I took a video below.

As we were taking photos, the second rainbow appeared behind the first one. This felt like the moment in “The Wizard of Oz” movie when Glinda, the “good witch,” appears “twinkling out of the sky” and all the munchkins are in “awe” as they watch her descend from the clouds. We were “ooing” and awing” as well.

This video doesn’t exist

So… what does it mean to see a “double rainbow?”

I did an online search. Basically, it sounds like a “pot of gold” is coming my way…

(JUST KIDDING! Sounds good though! I see a Leprechaun dancing…)