Rhode Island – Providence

On the way to Providence, our flight was in line to take off. I looked out the window and took this photo. So many planes in line and pretty close together. Looked beautiful. Upon landing, I saw this map that shows how close other well known cities are. So, depending on how much time you spend in Rhode Island, you can travel quickly to Boston, New York, etc.

As Rhode Island is on the water, I saw this gold ship on the top of one of the buildings.

We walked over to Brown University and saw their Mascot, the brown bear.

Along the way, saw this house. You can see the style is so different, so took a photo. Not sure of the significance…

Another interesting house. I liked the BLUE doors, but they don’t seem to fit with the style of the house.

I was reading in the Brown University newspaper that these scooters have become a big deal for Athletes. Since they have so many practices and would be walking 1-2 miles between class and practice, they were getting worn out. So, some of them started using these scooters. Then more started using them, while they can be dangerous in traffic, the athletes said it was worth the risk.

Here is an old bank, now that looked like a fortress.

Here you can see the river…

The Rhode Island trip comes to an end. Providence is small. We did walk the street where they have the Italian section. Being Italian, I would like to jump up for joy, but I was not impressed. It felt like a run down area, so that was sad. They did have my favorite cookies from Italy, but expiration date was June 2021. How fresh do cookies stay after expiration date? I passed.

I did meet a woman who had moved with her family from Southern California to Rhode Island. She said she LOVES Rhode Island. Simpler way of life, not so materialistic and she liked the change of seasons.

So, if COVID is holding you back from International travel. Take some small trips close to you, it’s worth it! We had fun!

Rhode Island — Signs from Heaven

Sometimes we realize we have signs from Heaven! When I was in Rhode Island, I kept finding Lucky Pennies, then two quarters. I have not found lucky pennies in a long time. I found it strange to keep finding money like this in the oddest of places.

THEN I realized, signs from my cousin in Heaven. She died this summer of illness / COVID. What’s important here, is that she went to Rhode Island School of Design. Here I was in Rhode Island walking where she walked for four years. Once I realized this, my HEART grew so big. When I would find another coin, I would think, “OK, YES, I’m looking at your beautiful city.”

I always have this blue pouch in my purse with my Angel, so I kept adding the coins I found to the blue pouch.

Another strange thing happened. The day I was leaving, I found two lucky pennies in the airport. One was RIGH UNDER the seat where I was sitting. My cousin saying, “Good Bye.”

Stranger… the next day, I found out her father passed away while I was at the airport.

Life is interesting — signs, coincidences?

I don’t know, but I do feel a sense of comfort at this moment. Might be silly to some, but to me, it’s a loving sign!

Be open to signs that might come to you for whatever reason or purpose! They do come!