Miracles happen! Happy New Year’s Eve…

2019 has been a tough year. I feel like this mountain climber, I’ve had to stay strong, hang on for a few years… or… FALL to my doom.

Good news – I hung on. FINALLY, right before Christmas, I was offered a great job. I had a Christmas miracle. I am extremely grateful.

It’s been a tough few years of job hunting. We’ve all been there, if not with a job transition, with some other part of our life that isn’t going as we would like. It’s not easy, it’s tough, like the mountain climber, there are sad and scary moments, then moments of triumph, but through it all we become stronger — WE WANT TO REACH THE TOP.

There is always that ray of hope, if we continue to fight, to believe in ourselves that we will once again be on top!

So, I am here to say, my VICTORY happened!

Stick with it, if you are waiting for a victory or break through — IT IS COMING!

On to NEW goals for 2020!

It’s time to try and reach even higher (my children’s book, need to dust that off and start working on it again!)

Happy New Year!