It’s a new year and that means trying to fulfill goalsOrangebyJesus – right!

For years, I have wanted to write. My friend suggested starting a Blog. 

I know, my thought was the same… A Blog?? What in the heck would I write and who in the world would read it?

As this idea germinated in my mind it seemed that everywhere I turned I found a story I could share.

This week it is about charity. Look at this photo from my church. Do you see what I saw? I’ll give you a second…

I saw an orange and I was moved by that. Someone felt the need to pray and not having money offered an orange to baby Jesus. Isn’t that what life is about. Sharing to help someone or sharing to thank someone.

Which makes me think of my friend, Joan Hardy, who decided after her granddaughter died of cancer that she would start the Small Miracles Foundation (, so that she could perform “small miracles” for children suffering from cancer.

This is their 10th year anniversary. I remember being struck by the story on the website where she spoke about the small miracles that can help a cancer patient’s family (paying for a cab/phone bill, bringing food, etc.) When our lives are going well, we don’t think of other’s pain and suffering.

The gift of the orange by baby Jesus reminded me that no gift is too small. We all need small miracles in our life and whomever left that orange was either ASKING for a miracle or GIVING THANKS for a miracle! I am inspired by that orange, I hope you are too. Now, let’s all perform a “small miracle!”

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