Ghost in the House

TV Ghost photo

Old Panasonic TV

It’s “official,” I have a ghost in my house. Before you say I am crazy, let me explain.

I have an old Panasonic TV set, see photo. About a year ago, around 3 am, I heard noises like people talking and saw flickering lights coming from the living room. Was it a burglar? I tip toed to the living room and the TV was on. No one was there – very strange.

At breakfast, I did my “Sherlock Holmes” investigation quizzing everyone on “who” left the TV on. Of course, no one fessed up.

That afternoon we went shopping. When we came home the TV was on again. We looked at each other in surprise. I felt vindicated that the TV had turned on by itself and my family members felt validated that they had not left the TV on the night before. Indeed — something strange was going on.

Over the months this kept happening at odd hours. We had a family joke that our “little Ghost” was “trying to get attention.” Suddenly, it stopped for about four months until the other night.

This time 2 am, I heard the voices and saw the TV flickering. I went to the living room and on the TV screen was actor Spencer Tracy in The Old Man and the Sea. I was tired, but stayed up to watch.

What a movie! Spencer Tracey, as the 85 year old man, showed such determination of mental and physical strength to bring that marlin to shore in that small boat with sharks surrounding him. He fought hard!

Apparently, my “little Ghost” knew that job hunting requires that same determination.

Ghost photo

Our “little Ghost”

This time, instead of being annoyed by my “little Ghost,” I smiled and thought “you sure are a clever one,” aren’t you!?

Ok, I got the message – No matter what, DON’T GIVE UP!

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