Casper’s at it again…

Casper, my little ghost, is back. This time 5:30 AM I saw flickering lights coming from the TV. My old Panasonic TV turned on by itself again. This time it was not a movie, but an infomercial for exercise.

I did smirk to myself. That was an appropriate wake up call. It did cross my mind that Casper was suggesting I get into a routine. This was a Zumba informercial, you know those are lively!

Casper - My Little Ghost

Casper – My Little Ghost

This TV situation is a bit odd, isn’t it? How can a TV turn on by itself?

My engineering friend suggested that the internal timer has gone wacky. This TV is from the old days where you would set the timer on the TV to record your shows. This is a plausable idea.

I’m curious to figure this out, but I don’t care to pay a repair man over $200 to tell me I need a new TV. We know that will be the end result. Also, there might not be a repair man out there.

I wanted to have an old Apple scanner/printer/fax machine fixed and was told they don’t fix those anymore. WHAT? I knew it was a small fix, I had Googled what needed to be done, but it was not something this non-engineer could take care of on her own. That was frustrating.

Like it or not, at some point we are forced to “upgrade!”

Everyone needs their own “little ghost.” Thanks to Casper, I did exercise today, because I kept thinking of that Zumba infomercial.

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