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Keith Bates

Keith Bates

A few years ago I sat on the board of The Adventurer’s Club of Chicago. There I met Keith Bates who had a passion for traveling the world, meeting new people, and learning new things. He decided he wanted to bring like minded people together. So, he created the website:

Keith’s goal was to create a site where people could post the trip or adventure they had gone on. At the same time, other people who were planning an adventure could search for someone who had already gone on that trip — view trip details, photos, etc., which would help them plan “their” trip. Great way for people to meet kindred spirits.

The site has taken off and I wanted to share it with you.

Napa Hot Air Balloon Ride

Napa Hot Air Balloon Ride

You might come across a new adventure you had not heard of OR you might connect with a like minded sportsman, traveler or adventurer. These days an adventurer can be anything from a bird watcher, a kayaker, a mountain climber, to a fly fisherman, race car driver, piloting  —  who knows!

Here’s to finding our NEXT adventure!  Life is about exploring, meeting new people, and enjoying the outdoors.

If you’ve gone on a GREAT trip, let us know. We learn from each other.

I still want to visit Mackinac Island. Would that be an adventure?

Italy’s Mille Miglia 2015


2015 Cars on display around town.

Last year, I came across Jay Leno’s Garage 2014 youtube video on his participation in Italy’s yearly Mille Miglia vintage car race. First of all, Jay Leno has a great sense of humor, we know he loves cars and then put him in Italy and you want to join the fun!

Map of Race Route

Map of Race Route

So, this year, I came to Brescia, May 14-17, 2015 where the Mille Miglia race starts. There are approximately 430 vintage car owners from around the world who gather here every year to enter the race. It’s a spectacular event to behold. Just look at the cars I am seeing. Really beautiful!

Photographers and journalists are everywhere. The road race starts in Brescia goes to Rome and then back to Brescia. You can view a map of the race. It’s a tough race, especially for those coming from abroad who are not familiar with the small and winding roads of Italy. Normally, an Italian wins the race, but maybe a foreigner will surprise us this year.

Wednesday the Italian Military had an Air Show, similar to our Blue Angles Air Show in the U.S., in honor of the Mille Miglia. Many of the vintage cars were on display at the air field. There were about 7,000 people viewing the show.

2015 Cars on display.

2015 Cars on display.

Around Brescia, the media was setting up, cars were being driven in to be put on display, people were at cafes, walking, taking picture – having fun!

If you are ever in Italy on vacation at this time, you will enjoy seeing the race.

Whether you are in Brescia for the start or end of the race OR you see the cars driving through one of the towns, you’ll share in the excitement for sure!

Yoga… it’s time!

Yoga on Green Lake

Yoga on Green Lake


Sign for Yoga Room at Airport

Yoga, it has started to stalk me!  You laugh, but it’s true.

For years now, I have been able to avoid yoga. I’ve stayed under the radar preferring pilates or a classical stretch program by Canadian Miranda Esmonde-White.

I don’t have anything against yoga, I guess I don’t see myself twisting my body in all sorts of shapes and standing on my head. My twin brother used to do that when we were young – stand on his head! That was funny!

I have never been a gymnast and I think that is why I have shied away from yoga, I feel like it is for people with limber bodies. I remember trying to master the cartwheel in gradeschool, it was not going to happen.

Why is yoga stalking me?

Follow Arrow to Yoga Room at Airport

Follow Arrow to Yoga Room at Airport

First, I was visiting my girlfriend who has been devoted to yoga for 10 years. She was dashing off to yoga class raving about it.

Second, I was innocently walking around Green Lake in Seattle when I noticed yoga on paddleboards? I shook my head, you know, when you are “verifying” that you “saw what you saw.” Yes, indeed, yoga on the Lake, see photo for proof.

I love the water, so suddenly yoga was looking interesting to me. However, it did cross my mind that if I can’t balance “off the water,” how would I balance “on the water,” but as I love the Lake that seemed like a small obstacle.

THEN it gets better… Third, I am at the airport going to my gate and I see yoga signs.  WHAT — I shook my head in disbelief. Yoga is here too?

Do you see why I am being stalked by Yoga.

Three signs in one month?!

Don’t they say we should “follow the signs?”

My twin brother “would laugh” if I sent him a picture of myself standing on my head!

Pawpaw Tree?


Pawpaw Tree

Have you heard of a Pawpaw Tree?

A friend from Oregon was just asking me about this and wondering how the fruit tasted. This was news to me, I have never heard of a Pawpaw Tree.

Pawpaw flower

Pawpaw flower

Google to the rescue. Turns out this is a tree that grows very well in the eastern United States, but also in the Great Lakes region.

It’s a lovely tree.

Pawpaw Fruit

Pawpaw Fruit

First, the purple flowers bloom in May and then the Pawpaw fruit, which looks like the shape of a mango, comes in June. The fruit has a tropical taste, but is more like a custard texture. Wild Pawpaw fruit might be bitter.

Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly

Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly

On further investigation, I found that if you have a Pawpaw tree you most likely have Zebra Swallowtail Butterflies.These butterflies are beautiful and love to feed off the Pawpaw tree.

I am going to be driving through Oregon soon. I’m curious to actually see the tree, taste the fruit and see the butterflies.

Has anyone grown a Pawpaw tree or eaten the fruit?

Let us know…

Pack Your Duct Tape

Duct-tapeI learned about duct tape when I was about 12 years old. My father was in the building business and we would help him on the job site. One day he yelled, “Get me the duct tape.”

Not knowing what duct tape was I thought he said, “DUCK tape.”

DUCK Tape?

DUCK Tape?

You can imagine the image in my mind – a duck with tape. What in the world was he talking about? As I was dilly dallying around trying to figure out what “DUCK TAPE” was…

My Dad gave another LOUD shout, “WHERE’s the duct tape?”

At this point the electrician seeing I was going to be in trouble soon called me over and handed me the grey roll of duct tape. I looked at him quizzically and smiled, SO THIS is “duct tape?!”

I soon learned how handy duct tape was in life. I always travel with duct tape now, in fact, it came in handy last summer in Africa. My nephew came to me in a panic, because he said the sole of his shoe was starting to fall off.

Well – Duct Tape to the RESCUE!! With his foot in his boot, I taped his boot up – no more problems! I won “Best Auntie” for that one. Proof that duct tape comes in handy.

I became a duct tape expert – fixed my rain coat while hiking, taped up my broken luggage, removed lint from my clothes, taped up the hem of my pants and even used duct tape to bandage a blister. Wow – I was feeling cool.

DuctTapeHave you seen the “Jumbo Duct Tape Book,” by Jim Berg and Tim Nyberg? More uses, you’d be amazed.

And now, duct tape comes in fancy colors. I don’t know, I’m still with the traditional grey.

So, share a story…

HOW have YOU used YOUR duct tape?