Yoga… it’s time!

Yoga on Green Lake

Yoga on Green Lake


Sign for Yoga Room at Airport

Yoga, it has started to stalk me!  You laugh, but it’s true.

For years now, I have been able to avoid yoga. I’ve stayed under the radar preferring pilates or a classical stretch program by Canadian Miranda Esmonde-White.

I don’t have anything against yoga, I guess I don’t see myself twisting my body in all sorts of shapes and standing on my head. My twin brother used to do that when we were young – stand on his head! That was funny!

I have never been a gymnast and I think that is why I have shied away from yoga, I feel like it is for people with limber bodies. I remember trying to master the cartwheel in gradeschool, it was not going to happen.

Why is yoga stalking me?

Follow Arrow to Yoga Room at Airport

Follow Arrow to Yoga Room at Airport

First, I was visiting my girlfriend who has been devoted to yoga for 10 years. She was dashing off to yoga class raving about it.

Second, I was innocently walking around Green Lake in Seattle when I noticed yoga on paddleboards? I shook my head, you know, when you are “verifying” that you “saw what you saw.” Yes, indeed, yoga on the Lake, see photo for proof.

I love the water, so suddenly yoga was looking interesting to me. However, it did cross my mind that if I can’t balance “off the water,” how would I balance “on the water,” but as I love the Lake that seemed like a small obstacle.

THEN it gets better… Third, I am at the airport going to my gate and I see yoga signs.  WHAT — I shook my head in disbelief. Yoga is here too?

Do you see why I am being stalked by Yoga.

Three signs in one month?!

Don’t they say we should “follow the signs?”

My twin brother “would laugh” if I sent him a picture of myself standing on my head!

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