Wearing Vintage

Rainbow T-shirtYesterday was a day for unexpected compliments.

I happened to be walking through Target and this HAPPY t-shirt caught my attention. While it is not the style I normally wear, it did make me FEEL happy!

I went to investigate. The first thing I liked was the soft cotton. I find it hard to wear those t-shirts that feel like cardboard. The second thing I liked was the price, it was cheap and third, the color looked good on me. So, I decided to buy it.

Puget Sound Lighthouse

I admit as I was paying for it, I was having second thoughts. It reminded me of Berkeley, and I am not an earthy type of dresser preferring a preppy kind of look, but that little voice said, “you’re going to like it.”

I decided to go hiking at Discovery Park in Seattle. Of course, I put on my NEW Happy t-shirt for the occasion.

Do you know I received five compliments on the walking trail regarding my Happy t-shirt from various aged people. One younger lady even asked me if it was “vintage,” she liked the t-shirt / straw hat combo and wanted to buy it herself.

I smiled, while my mind went into entrepreneurial mode.

I immediately thought I could buy the t-shirts at Target for $12.99 and sell them for $49.95 claiming the vintage inspired look.

My dad always said “profit is not a dirty word!”

Puget Sound view of Mount Rainier

Lighthouse view of Mount Rainier

Moral of the story is to go out of our “comfort zone.”

Who knew I was capable of wearing vintage?

THIS t-shirt made people HAPPY.

So, it’s a keeper that’s for sure!

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