Study Abroad in Singapore

DormMy daughter called a few months ago super excited.

She said she was doing her “study abroad” program in Asia. She had chosen Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University.

imageAs she is studying International Business, we were thrilled to hear that she had chosen to go to Asia.

I accompanied her to help her move into the dorm. The trip was exciting. First, we were downtown Singapore touring and then we headed to the University. They were celebrating Singapore’s 50th Nation’s Day, so there were a lot of activities and fireworks being prepared for this.

Next, when we got to the University, we signed into the dorm. We learned that my daughter was put in one of the dorms that has larger rooms. Very good – no air conditioning though and it does get hot in Singapore.  Not a problem, we bought a fan. Beautiful view of a pond from the window.

imageWe went to the area where all the exchange students sign in. That was fun!  Students from Sweden, Germany, Ireland, U.S., India, Vietnam, China, Italy and more were there. Everyone full of excitement and anticipation not knowing what to expect.

This will be a great adventure…

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