Nerds Unite!


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Whenever I think of the word “nerd,” I smile. While I was not a computer nerd I did feel like I was a book nerd.

When I was young, to be called a “nerd” was equivalent to being called an “outcast.” If you weren’t popular and partying with the cheerleaders/football players you were boring. For sure, I fell into the boring category.

Whose fault was that?  My Mom’s!  Yep, it was her doing. When we were young my mother was constantly reading. My Mom would pack us into the car and off to the library we went.

In the beginning we resisted going! The typical, “NOT THE LIBRARY AGAIN,” we would say. I think when she was homesick for Italy, books were her escape and also her way of learning English better.

As children (there were four of us), we would whine about listening to her stories, but in her cute Italian accent she would say, “It is MY DUTY as you mother to teach you!”

Arghhh… “Duty, who gave her this duty,” we thought!

She was smart in making us FEEL she HAD to do it (laughing).

She wouldn’t pay attention, instead she would say, “You will like this, tonight I am reading you from “Greek Mythology.””

She liked “Alexander the Great,” “Marco Polo,” and “Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves,” it was always something adventurous.

I remember when lightning would strike over Lake Michigan and we were afraid, she would say, “Zeus must be very angry tonight, he is throwing thunderbolts down from the sky.”


Of course, she would have us captivated with her story telling, her Italian accent added charm. Like it or not, we were hooked!

When she would close the chapter, we would beg her to keep reading.

She would say, “And these are the children who didn’t want to listen in the first place. NO, no more until tomorrow.”  That was her revenge on us!

In Middle School I didn’t want to get off the bus, because she had me reading “The Egyptian” and “The Roman.”  I had to finish the Chapter.

So, it was with great excitement that I came across The Nerdy Book Club Blog site. What a clever name – I love it!

If you are a teacher or you need a gift for a child, visit their website. They just reviewed the BEST books of 2015 in different categories/age ranges.

It’s wonderful!

So, when I say, “NERDS UNITE!,” it’s with GREAT PRIDE that I say this!

9 thoughts on “Nerds Unite!

  1. Oooh! Thanks for the link to the Nerdy Book club! I will check it out! I remember as a kid, being made fun of for being a nerd. Kids at my school judged you by how expensive your jeans were, and not by what you were capable of doing or thinking. What I find interesting, is that as traumatizing as the experience was, at times, it also made me a lot stronger – when I even have the slightest hint of quitting, now, on anything, I think back to the taunts, and it adds to my fury. “I will prove you wrong!”

    I saw a meme on the Internet. It said, “You can call me nerd, but I prefer the term, ‘Intellectual Badass!'”

    The good news, I think, is that times are changing. …at least, at my son’s school, the nerds are looked up to as leaders, now. …and I actually have to limit my son’s reading time, otherwise he probably wouldn’t get to bed until 2 am!

    Thank you for the post!!! It gave me something I can deeply relate to!

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    1. You made me laugh… I heard the expression “Intellectual Badass” too! I liked it! It’s is true, nowadays to be a nerd is a good thing AND to wear big glasses is “nerdy chic,” I fit right in. I think you’ll really enjoy the Nerdy Book Blog site. They are constantly sharing great stories and reviewing different books.

      There’s another great Blog called, “Live to Write, Write to Live.” You would probably like that one as well. Here is link: They had a good Blog the other day called, “Staying Inspired.” Today they have a new post on David Bowie which is very good too. Have a great day! Look forward to seeign your new post.

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  2. Your mother sounds absolutely delightful! How nice that she fed you that diet of books. She also reminds me of my mother, who brought us to the library every Saturday and read to us every night as kids. Perhaps that’s why I too am a nerd now, and proud of it. Book nerd, museum nerd…
    Once again, I love reading your posts. It’s so charming and humorous and so ‘connectable’!


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