Advance Movie Screening


I went to my first Advance Movie Screening for “The Light Between Oceans.” Excellent movie. I belong to an Historical Fiction Book Club, which I found on This was one of the books we read.

The movie will be officially released on September 2, 2016, so it was exciting to see the movie ahead of time. I felt like a “movie critic,” especially when the announcer came in and told us that normally they take our cell phones, but as they had not done that they were “requiring us” to “power off” all cell phones. No photos or videos allowed AND if they caught anyone turning their phones on during the movie they would be immediately escorted out of the theatre. At that moment there was a lot of noise as people made last minute texts, etc. before powering down. They had almost a full theatre. It “was” refreshing to watch a movie without people checking cell phones constantly.

Good news for those who like to read a book “before” they see the movie. There is still time! The book has the same title as the movie and was written by M.L. Stedman. This is a romance / drama / mystery and for sure you should have tissues handy while you read the book, it’s a tear jerker.

The title was clever, because the story is about a man who manages a lighthouse off the coast of Western Australia. He gets married and … well, I don’t want to give it away!

If you don’t mind a “spoiler” then click here for a quick preview of the movie trailer.

I give it a thumbs up, or is it 4 stars…?

HECK I am new at this!  Just read the book and then see the movie!  IT’S GOOD!

2 thoughts on “Advance Movie Screening

  1. I read this book a few years ago and was very excited to find out that a movie was being made. I usually don’t go to movies if I’ve read the book first but for this one I can’t wait. Lucky you for getting the chance to see the screening in advance.

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    1. Yes, I think it is nice to read the book ahead of time, but I had joined the book club AFTER they had read this book. However, sometimes it is nice to see a movie where you don’t know what to expect rather than judging how well they did the movie compared to the book. I really enjoyed the movie, they chose fantastic actors – they placed their parts so well. For sure, I think you should see it. I don’t think you would disappointed — yes there were a few places like most movies where we feel they should have developed the story line a little better, but movies are normally almost 2 hours, you can only do so much. Enjoy the movie!

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