Free E-books -> Use OverDrive App


Do you love reading? Do you want to save money? Well, then you should go to your local library, sign up for a library card and download the OverDrive App. I’m not a techie, but even I was able to download the app and with a few pointers from the librarian within minutes I was good to go and had downloaded some audio books.

Why do I mention this? Recently, I was at a coffee shop talking to a friend about the latest books we have been reading. I told her I was listening to a historical mystery on audio by Jason Goodwin called, “The Snake Stone.” She liked the story line of an eunuch detective set in Istanbul at the end of the Ottoman empire. I was happy to hear she wanted to get the book and read it; however, I was surprised when she said she would buy it on Amazon. NOW, great if Amazon makes money, but I told her unless she really wanted to “keep” the book, she could save herself money by downloading the e-book for FREE from the library. That was news to her, she didn’t know about the OverDrive App.

The OverDrive App is easy to use. Once you download it on your smartphone or tablet, you choose the library you belong to, which connects you to your library account and then you start searching for e-books, audio books, and videos, which you than view offline. THIS HAS BEEN GREAT. If you have a long commute to work and are stuck in traffic, it sure is wonderful to have an audio book to listen too.

One note, the OverDrive App does not send you a warning message that your e-book is about to expire. Instead your e-books are just returned. While that is good, it doesn’t allow you to “renew” the e-book, UNLESS you renew three days before the e-book is due to expire. Still, this is a minor disturbance for a free ebook. My next goal is to learn how to download the audio books to my iPod, so walking is more interesting… If you are an expert on this, let me know.


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