Actor Tom Hanks / Director Ron Howard in Florence, Italy promoting Dan Brown’s “Inferno”

florence-the-duomoHave you heard the news?  Florence, Italy is coming to the big screen this month. Dan Brown’s book, “Inferno has been turned into a movie. My mother was born and raised in Florence, so I was pleasantly surprised when I turned on the Today Show (October 20, 2016) and was just in time to see this clip, “‘Inferno’: Tom Hanks, Ron Howard talk movie, take questions from fans.” It was really wonderful to hear their stories about making the movie AND see the view of Florence behind them. If you love Florence like I do, I am sure you will swell up with pride too.

infernoIf you’d like to learn more about Florence, you can visit The Florentine website, which is an English news magazine with stories about what is going on in Florence. In honor of Florence and wanting to share a little bit of the Inferno movie with visitors, The Florentine magazine created, “Inferno Florence Guide,” which is an app that brings tourists to the specific places Dan Brown used in his book. Clever marketing idea!

If you haven’t read the book, you still have a few days before the movie hits the theaters. There are a few interviews with Dan Brown and in one of them he mentions that he got his interest in religion and codes from his parents. Start reading, and be sure to see “this” movie on the BIG screen, so you can “feel” like you are in Florence and part of the Inferno adventure.

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