Fortune Cookie Writer Retires After 30 Years Due to Writer’s Block

IMG_1588See this fortune cookie?! That is how writer’s block looks to a fortune cookie writer.

Donald Lau, CFO at Wonton Food, Inc. has been the writer behind ALL those fortune cookies we read after our Chinese meals. Can you imagine, 30 years of creatively writing 100 fortunes a year? That is a big job! I commend him for writing this long. We all know that “writer’s block” is terrible.

Mr. Lau hired his replacement, a fellow by the name of James Wong, 43 years old. It’s good that Wong is young, if he follows in Mr. Lau’s footsteps, he could be writing fortunes well into his 70s.

Did you know that Wonton Food, Inc. is the largest manufacturer of fortune cookies in the United States? They have operations in New York, Texas and Tennessee.

Since reading this story, I have a better appreciation for fortune writing.

Here is one message that I saved. It was a good one.


How about YOU, do you have a special fortune you saved?

Curious to know… WHAT was YOUR FORTUNE?


20 thoughts on “Fortune Cookie Writer Retires After 30 Years Due to Writer’s Block

  1. Too funny, I have one right now on my keyboard… “you love what you do and you’re good at it.” It’s my inspiration to keep going when I feel like I’m not getting anywhere with my editing.

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    1. Yes… did you see the photo of the cookie with a white piece of paper coming out of it. On that white piece of paper, he would write a fortune, a short message, like the photo below of the fortune I received in my cookie. He usually would include Lottery numbers too. If you go to a Chinese restaurant they always give you a fortune cookie, and we ALL compare the messages we receive in our cookie.


    1. That is funny. Send me a link, so I can see what you’ve written about. I admit, sometimes the fortune cookies have been odd, certainly not inspirational. Those must have been the years where writing block was setting in. :).

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      1. There is a new writer in town, let’s see how the fortunes look at the end of the year. The guy who is writing has a 10 year old daughter for inspiration. All of our fortunes will be improving!


    1. I didn’t think about it either… well, UNLESS I got a very unusual fortune and then I would think, “who is creating these?” Now, it makes sense, after many years even a Fortune Cookie Writer can get writer’s block. 🙂


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