Enjoying nature, finding love…

IMG_0885Isn’t there that saying that “you never know what you might find?” Well, I can say it is TRUE. I was walking on the beach with the goal of getting exercise. There weren’t many stones or shells, so I was walking at a good pace.

Suddenly, I reached an area full of rocks, shells, wood and so on. Having to walk slower, I decided to look at the rocks to see if there was anything interesting. As a child, we were always collecting Indian beads. The goal was to find Indian beads with holes in them, so we could make a necklace. As you can see from the rock photo, we really had to “search” to find just “one” Indian bead, but it was FUN!

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Feeling like a kid again, I started my hunt for an Indian bead. LOW AND BEHOLD, I looked down and saw this piece of glass in the shape of a HEART. I picked it up and turned it in different directions, verifying that my eyes were not deceiving me and SMILED. Yes, it was indeed the shape of a heart!

What a special find!

So, when I say, “finding LOVE,” it felt that way. My “own heart” grew 100 times at that moment. A reminder to appreciate life and that love is around us.

Moral of the story… go out, take a moment to really enjoy nature AND feel like a kid again! You might find your special heart too!

20 thoughts on “Enjoying nature, finding love…

  1. My kids always look around for rocks whenever we go on a trip and bring them home as a keepsake. there are 3 rocks on our kitchen counter top from when we went min golfing yesterday…I love the way they find little things special

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  2. Great post and fantastic find 🙂 I also indulged in a little of one of my favourite childhood pastimes this past weekend out at camp and scoured the shorelines for quartz rocks. I have no idea what I’m going to do with the pile I have now amassed hahaha, but I’ve always had a fascination with them 🙂

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    1. That’s great! A friend of mine collected clear blue glass pieces, then she put them on a string, glue gunned them I think, and hung them from the ceiling with a white wall behind. It looked really neat. We also put the rocks in the bottom of the vase with water inside and have a floating candle. I see a good post on this for your site!! Designer rocks! Heading over to visit your site.

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      1. Those both sound like such fun ideas! I’m going to have to put a lot of thought into this now… and some more collecting! I will eventually get around to posting when I do decide and when I get along with some actual update posts as opposed to just drafts I’ve had sitting in the queue 🙂 Thanks for the thoughtful comment! Much appreciated!

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