Walk 5 miles… listen to NPR’s TED Radio Hour: The Hero’s Journey

Man on mountainThis weekend I wanted to get back into my weekly walking routine. I realized I hadn’t done much exercise in September. So, I dusted off my gym shoes and headed out.

My goal was a 5 mile walk. I scanned my NPR TED Radio Hour podcasts and found one called, “A Hero’s Journey.” This was an outstanding podcast, where I forgot I was exercising. The show started out talking about “Star Wars.” They were discussing how “a hero’s journey” is written. They said there was a 3 ACT formula for writing hero books. First, the hero has a departure (leaves home), then there is an initiation (hero goes on a quest), and then the hero returns (comes back home). Sounds like my life! (grin)

After “Star Wars,” the podcast continued with other stories focused on “a hero’s journey” theme. A woman who wanted to sail around the world and how she did it, a man who became an author/illustrator (his mother was a drug addict, he talks about this), and George Takia from “Star Trek,” talks about his childhood imprisonment in an internment camp during WWII, because he was Japanese.

This leads me to “How To Addict,” a fellow Blogger who writes motivational posts. This week his post, “Shift your focus – fulfillment through work,” was a good one. Like my “hero’s journey” podcast, Doc was sending the message that we should challenge ourselves, not be lazy, instead persevere and feel fulfilled in our work – have a goal.

So, this week is about being on “a hero’s journey!”

Remember: a hero departs, initiates (starts and fulfills his quest) and then returns home.

What QUEST are you on this week?

9 thoughts on “Walk 5 miles… listen to NPR’s TED Radio Hour: The Hero’s Journey

  1. Great Ideas and thanks for the food for thought.
    I am a huge ted fan but I stay away these days because I get deflated over how far away I am from giving a ted talk-not a healthy thing I know.
    Anyway, Neo, Luke, Harry Potter, that guy from the lego movie and more have this “chosen one” thing about them that seems derivative and tired, kind of reminds me why I stopped going to the movies.
    I like those tough anti-hero types who break rules and never seem to find the ending they hoped they would find.

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    1. Ah, you might be closer to giving a Tedx than you think. There is a guy I am following who writes children’s books. He’s looking into giving a Tedx in Indiana. So, I guess the FIRST STEP for you to do would be to find out “what” the requirements are. That would be a GREAT post. “Want to give a Tedx, five simple steps to getting there.”


      1. I think you are writing a book. He’s published some children’s books, so anything is possible, we just have to stay positive and focused on our making our dreams a reality: https://1imaginaryfox.com

        Look through his posts. He went to a Tedx in Ohio and that inspired him, so that he has a new goal to do his own Tedx. He talks about that.


      2. In the very first post I read of yours, you said you were writing a book. Trying to get published was hard, you were losing hope. I told you NOT to lose hope. And NOW we are discussing TedX, so maybe a Tedx is in your future FIRST. You’ll like that guy’s Blog, it’s very nice AND I believe he said in one of his posts that he is a father with three boys. 🙂


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